You cannot get success in blogging without these 3 rules

Blogging seems to be the easiest way of earning but, according to my experience, it is the best way of earning and not the easiest.

The reason is that it takes a lot of effort to start earning from your blog.And most of the newbies does various mistakes which only leads to failure.

Here, in this post i am going to discuss how you can get success with blogging with these 3 rules.

Get success in blogging:

There are many reasons due to which you will not get success in blogging.But these three which i am going to explain here are very vital and if you are lacking any one of them, you cannot get success in blogging.Because blogging is not that much easy task as i said earlier.It requires a lot of energy, time and money.

So, if you can fulfill the below rules of blogging, then you are made for blogging.But if you cannot fulfill any one then them than according to my experience, it is very hard to survive in blogging if earning is the main purpose of your blogging.

But if you are not blogging for money, then you can avoid these rules and work according to your own will.

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So, here are the three golden rules for a successful blogging career:


The first and foremost thing in blogging is interest.Not only in blogging, but in every field of life interest plays a very vital role in your success.If you are interested and passionate about your work, then it is very hard to get success.

Not only for blogging, you should also be passionate about your niche in which you are blogging.Because if you choose a niche for your blog, in which you are not interested then you would not be able to write quality content and as it is the first rule of blogging that quality content is the king, and blogging is blogging is all about content, you would not be able to perform well and hence you would not be successful in blogging.

So, in order to have success in blogging, the first thing you need to have is interest, both in blogging as well as in your niche in which you are blogging.

2.Seo and Smo:

Seo stands for search engine optimization and smo stands for social media optimization.If you don’t know about seo or if you are optimizing your site, then you are doing the biggest mistake of your blogging career.

The reason is that, is order to earn and in order to bring people to your blog to read your content.You would have to tell google and other search engines that your blog is worthy and for this your will have to apply some seo techniques.

If you don’t want to do seo then you would have to get traffic form somewhere else.And the other best alternative is social media sites.There you would have to learn social media optimization.

The most important thing in blogging is traffic.And if you want traffic, you would have to do some hard work for that and learn seo and smo or any other way to bring traffic and make regular readers.And the best way to bring traffic in my opinion is to do seo because most the people use search engines to find answers to their questions.


Another most important thing in blogging is consistency.And this is the reason 90 percent of bloggers didn’t get success and leave blogging.

Many bloggers start blogging for quick income and left it after some time because they didn’t earn anything.The reason is that they think that blogging is the easy and quick way to earn money but actually it is not.And in this world, only those get success who survive.

So, in order to get success in blogging, you would have to be patient.You would have to be consistent and google also love consistency and rank those blogs higher which are updated regularly.

So, if you are sincere with your blogging career, you would have to be consistent at least for a year after you start earning good money.In this time, you would have to work really hard and after that it would be an easy task when you have regular readers.

Final words:

If you want to become part time or full time blogger, then start blogging on a niche of your interest, learn seo and be consistent with your work.And after some hard work your would be a well known blogger and your blog would be an authority site in your niche.


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