Wordrpess.org vs blogger.com vs wordpress.com

There are many blogging platforms and many blogs exist on different blogging platforms, but there are some popular blogging platforms that are used by majority of bloggers.And they provide the best features out there in the blogging world.

IF you are planing to start your first blog.Then read the comparison between these three blogging platforms and choose the one according to your needs.

The three blogging platforms, which I am going to describe and compare here are wordpress.org . which is also called self hosted wordpress,blogger.com and wordpress.com, which is also called hosted wordpress.

Here are the details about the three CMS (content management systems) and the pros and cons of all these three blogging platforms.And I am quite sure that after reading this post, you would be able in a position to decide/choose your blogging platform for your blog.

wordpress.org vs blogger.com vs wordpress.com

WordPress.org / self hosted wordpress:-

Self hosted wordpress is one of the most used and popular blogging platform and majority of the famous blogs in the world are created on this blogging platform.Not only blogs but other type of sites are also create on self hosted wordpress.So, if you want a professional site or blog which totally belongs to you then you should choose self hosted wordpress.

Basically this is a software which you would have to install in your hosting.This software is totally free but you need to buy hosting and a domain name to create your site/blogĀ  using this blogging platform.

Pros and cons of self hosted wordpress:-


  • Self hosted wordpress is the world most popular blogging platform and used by thousands of famous sites because of its features.
  • It can be customized according to needs.
  • You can install plugins for different functions.
  • There are many free and paid themes available which can be easily customized to a totally unique theme.
  • There are various theme frameworks that can be used to easily create a well optimized theme.
  • It can be used to create static and other type of sites like forums,question and answer sites,social sites,government sites etc.
  • As compared to the other two blogging platforms, blogs or sites created with self hosted wordpress totally belong to the owner.
  • You can display ads of different advertising networks on your site.

These are just a few ones.Self hosted wordpress provide many features but here I have explained only a few that makes it better from the other two blogging platforms.


  • You would need to buy domain and hosting to create a blog using self hosted wordpress.
  • You would have to manage all the backups and security etc.
  • As compared to the other two platforms, you would need at least some investment for starting a site on wordpress.org, while the other two can be used for free as well.
  • This platform is more professional, so beginners with no technical knowledge may have some difficulties while using this platform.
  • You site may have some down time depending on your hosting services.
  • Bandwidth and hosting space would be mostly less then blogger and wordpress.com

As you can see benefits of using wordpress.org is much more than its cons as compared to other blogging platforms.


Blogger is a free blogging platform owned by google.This is very easy to use and many newbie bloggers start their blogging journey with this platform because anyone with or without technical knowledge can start blog on this platform in just a few minutes.

Pros and cons of blogger:-


  • It is a free blogging platform.
  • Blogger provide 15 storage and unlimited bandwidth, which is for more as compared to other free blogging platforms.
  • It is more compared as compared to self hosted wordpress and other paid platforms.
  • Blogger allows you to add custom domain to your site which makes your site /blog more professional without paying for hosting.
  • You can still host your blogger blog on your own hosting.
  • Unlike wordpress.com, blogger allows you to customize your theme.
  • You can place advertisements on your site.


  • It is non professional.
  • Google can delete your blog any time.
  • You cannot use plugins etc.
  • It is seo optimized but not like self hosted wordpress.
  • You would have to do every thing manually.
  • It is good for hobby blogs but not for company and business blogs.
  • You can create a blog on blogger but not site.

WordPress.com/hosted wordpress:-

This is also a free blogging platform proving very few features as compared to other two but still many people use it for fun or for hobby.

Pros and cons of hosted wordpress:-

Here are some of the important pros and cons of using hosted wordpress that you should consider before starting a site on this platform.


  • It is a free blogging platform.
  • It provides security and free hosting with free sub-domain.
  • There are thousands of free theme in wordpress gallery, which you can pic for your blog.
  • It can be used by anyone without any technical knowledge.


  • Hosted wordpress blogs doesn’t looks professional.
  • You cannot use plugins.
  • You cannot customize your theme.
  • You cannot place ads.You can place them after reaching a definite traffic level.
  • Their custom domain and other paid things costs more then creating a self hosted wordpress.

As you can see its cons are more then pros and that why mostly only hobby bloggers use this platform.

Choosing your blogging platform:-

After reading the pros and cons of these these most famous blogging platforms, you would be in a position to choose one of them according to your need.But here again I am giving you some clues.

If you want to start a hobby blog just for fun then don’t waste your money on it.Start it on wordpress.com or blogger.com but i will prefer blogger because later you can add a custom domain as well to your site or you can migrate it to self hosted wordpress as well.

If you want to start a blog for earning purposes then choose between blogger and self hosted wordpress.If your budget is low then I will prefer blogger with custom domain.But if you can afford hosting fees, then wordpress.org is a better bet.

From editorial desk:

This was a short guide about wordpress.org vs wordpress.com vs blogger.com.

Here I have shared everything according to my experience because I want you to avoid those mistakes which I have done while choosing a blogging platform.If you are still confused, feel free to ask anything in the comment section below or via contact form.And I would be glad to help you start your first blog.

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