WordPress theme framework and its importance

If you are familiar with wordpress then you would have heard names like genesis,thesis and headway etc.You would have also read somewhere that customize your site with drag and drop system without the knowledge although not all the frameworks provide this feature but it is the feature of a wordpress theme framework.

You would also be familiar with the word wordpress theme framework.If no then this article will help you .After reading this article you will know what is a wordpress theme framework and what is its importance in customizing a wordpress theme.

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wordpress theme framework

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What exactly a wordpress theme framwork is?

WordPress theme framework is a tool which let you customize a professional looking site/blog without using theme editor.Using this tools you can easily add code in any place of the theme without searching for it in the whole code.

Some of these frameworks even let you design a professional looking theme for your site/blog without any knowledge of coding like headway themes.

Basically wordpress theme frameworks have their own code library from which you can easily develop a child theme.This reduces the time of development.

Parent theme and child theme:-

Parent theme refers to the main theme which is used to develop a child theme.And a child theme is one which is developed using parent theme and which operates only in the presence of a parent theme.

To understand this, take an example of genesis theme framework and autobahn theme.Genesis is a framework and a parent theme and autobahn is a child theme of genesis which operates in the presence of parent theme which is genesis.

This blog (bloggingtricksandtips.com) runs on parent theme genesis and a child theme autobahn,which is a free child theme of genesis.

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Drag and drop wordpress theme frameworks:-

There are some wordpress theme frameworks which are drag and drop like thesis and headway theme.Thesis is partial drag and drop and requires some basic knowledge of coding while headway is complete drag and drop and doesn’t require any knowledge of coding,

Which framework you should use for your wordpress blog?

If you are a wordpress user and want a good  professional looking or completely unique theme for your blog then you should use wordpress theme framework because it let you develop a theme with less effort.

Among all the wordpress theme framework,genesis is most recommended by wordpress developers because it enable you to create highly optimized and professional looking theme.

If you are a beginner and don’t know any coding then you can hire someone to create a unique theme for you using genesis or you can use genesis with free or paid child themes.

You can also use headway or thesis,which are drag and drop theme frameworks and don’t need coding knowledge.

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From editorial desk:-

If you are really interested in blogging or you want to create a blog or business site then you should use wordpress theme framework because it let you create a unique theme and design is most important for any site if it is personal blog or business site and in such situation theme frameworks makes your work easy and save time.

If you know any other good wordpress theme framework then share your experience with it in the comments section below.

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