WordPress or blogger-where should you start your blog?

Starting your blog and selecting your blogging platform is one of the most important decision because blogging takes a lot of effort and time and once you establish a blog, then it is very hard to move/ migrate it to another platform because it would effect your blog ranking and traffic if not properly migrated.

So, before starting your blog, you should learn about different blogging platforms and then decide which suits you and your requirements.

Here are some of the conditions according to which you must select your blogging platform:

Selecting your blogging platform-Things to consider:

These are a few very important  questions, you need to ask yourself before starting your blog:

  • Do you want to start a personal blog or professional blog?
  • Do you want to earn from your blog?
  • Do you want to earn from your blog?
  • Is it a long term project?
  • Do you want to start a professional blog?

After choosing your category from the above questions you should decide your blogging platform using the suggestions below:

Wodpress or blogger-which one should you select?

First of all if you don’t know about blogging platforms you should learn about a few blogging platforms.

There are a lot of blogging platform, both free and paid. But only two are the most used and poplar. Here, i will write about just those two blogging platforms called blogger and wordpress.


Blogger is one of the free blogging platform by google. Its popularity is due to the reason that it is the part of google and that’s why people trust it. Another reason is that its is very simple and easy to use and free as well therefore many newbies start their first blog on blogger to learn things about blogging.

Another benefit of having a blogger blog (instead of free hosting and domain) is that, you could connect a custom/top level domain as well with your blog and make it more professional. And unlike some other platforms, you can fully customize your site.


WordPress is another most popular and word’s most used blogging platform. But it has two versions one is called hosted worpdress that is wordpress.com and other one is called self hosting wordpress that is wordpress.org.

Self hosting wordpress is the most used blogging platform. Although it is a free blogging software, but it need webhosting and domain to install on. Therefore, you would need to buy domain and hosting and install wordpress on it and create a professional blog. Not only blog, you can create every type of site with self hosted wordpess.

Select your blogging platform:

After reading about both of these platforms, you would be in position to select your blogging platform. But here i am going to make it more easy for you.

blogger or wordpress

  • If you want to start a personal blog just for fun then go with either blogger or wordpress.com
  • If you want to start a blog for earning but cannot afford web hosting for self hosted wordpress, then go for blogger and attach a custom domain with your blog.
  • If you are a beginner and want to try out things then go for blogger and attach a custom domain.
  • If you want to start a serious blog for earning then i would suggest self hosting wordpress.

Final words:

After reading this post, you would be easily able to decide your blogging platform. If you are newbie and have some problems and want to ask anything, you can ask in the comment section below.


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