Why you should start a blog on wordpress

If you want to start a blog,then you should look for different blogging platforms and select the one which fulfill your needs.
There are many blogging platforms.Some are free and some are paid but the most used and popular blogging platform is WordPress.
There are two versions of WordPress one is called hosted wordpress i.e wordpress.com and the other is self hosted wordpress i.e wordpress.org.

What is hosted wordpress:-

   Hosted wordpress i.e wordpress.com is a blogging platform that let you to create your free blog.They provide a free sub domain i.e xyz.wordpress.com and free hosting.
You don’t need to spend any money to create your blog at this platform.But there are some restrictions.
You cannot place ads and you cannot install plugins and themes etc.

Although it is not good for professional blog but still you can create hobby blog etc with this blogging platform.

What is self hosted wordpress:-

  This is a software which can be used to create a professional blogging platform. It.It is also free but it needs your own domain name and web hosting on which you will install this software.
It allows you to create a fully functional blog with all features.
You can install plugins and themes from thousands of free and paid themes and plugins.
You can also place ads etc on your blog.

Why you should start a blog with self hosted wordpress:-

   If you want to create a blog and want to invest in domain and hosting then wordpress is the best choice because it is the best blogging platform and the plugins make everything easy.
It also doesn’t require any technical knowledge and you can start your own blog in few minutes.
There are many other blogging platforms as well but every expert will advice wordpress due to its features and ease of use.
If you want to start a self hosted wordpress then read this step by step guide to start a wordpress blog.

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