Why you should backup your blog

Regular backups of a blog is very important, especially when you have a self hosted wordpress blog because hacking of a wordpress blog is easy as compared to blogger.Or your server can crash,or you can have many problems in your server because it is a computer and any technical problem can ruin your hard work.So for this purpose, keeping a regular backup in your hard drive can help you a lot in unpleasant situations.

Although your hosting company makes daily backup but you should have a backup with your self.


Photo credit:Sean MacEntee

Last week i was in the same situation.Mistakenly i deleted on file from my cpanel and my site was down.I didn’t know what to do because i don’t have technical knowledge and experiences,so i contacted my hosting support team.They restore the backup but it didn’t worked.There was some problem in the wordpress files.But at the end i manually restored it from backup.

And from this experiences i judged the importance of backup.So i decided to share some ways how to backup and restore blogger and wordpress blogs.In my next posts i will briefly discuss the procedure of back up of wordpress and blogger blogs.

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