What is online payment processor

Many people earn online and many people shop online also.So how they get there earned money online?Different sites have different ways to pay its members.Some used paypal,some uses payza,some use perfect money and even some send the earned money to its members via bank wire transfer.Many of the sites uses more than one method.
So if you want to earn online you should create account with the online payment processors because when you earn some money online how will receive it?The answer lies in this article.

What is an online payment processor?

Online payment processor is a system (or an online bank) in which you can create your account and you can keep your money there and also you can transfer or receive your money.
Basically it is like a bank from where you can sends money to your bank account and you can also send money from your bank account to your online payment processor.
You can also use it for online purchases and you can sends money to your friends,relatives or anyone who have also account in the same processor.
Some online payment processors are Paypal,Payza,perfect money etc

Most used payment processor:-

    Paypal is the most used and best payment processor and majority of the sites uses it as there online payment processor.
   Also many sites uses it for sales.So if donot have a credit or debit card you can use your paypal account where it is supported.
  If your country didnt support paypal so read this my this guide on how to create a paypal account in unsupported countries.

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