What is micro niche sites and how to earn from it

Micro niche sites are those sites which are based on any specific topic and some specific thing in that specific topic.Niche means the topic of your site like the niche of this site is online career but if you pick one specific topic like online career in fiverr than it would be called micro niche and if we start a site on this topic than that site would be called micro niche site.

micro niche sites

Why people start micro niche sites:-

Micro niche sites can be a good and easy source of income and the reason is that it is easier to rank such site in google and other search engines because there are few such site and there are many topics form which we can choose one and start site on it.

Bloggers continuously do research for such topics and find keywords which are profitable and easy to rank and then start a micro niche site on such keyword.Then they try to rank their site in first page for google for their keywords.

These micro niche sites needs less effort as compared to authority sites where the competition is high and it takes a lot of time and effort to make some money from these authority sites.Therefore many bloggers start many micro niche sites daily and earn living from it.

How does a micro niche site looks:-

Most of the micro niche sites looks simple with static page which is based on the main keyword and other posts that are usually mentioned in the side bar of the blog/site.And many of them contains a list of products as well if the site is about specific product.

How to start a niche site:- d

As i mentioned earlier starting and running a niche site farther easier than running an authority site.The method of starting a niche site is very easy and as simple as creating any other site or blog.But you should have a static home page if you have a product based blog or very limited niche site.The home page is usually based on the main keyword.

Here is a detailed step by step guide to start a niche site and how to rank it for its keywords in google and other search engines:complete guide to micro niche sites


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