What is Blog,Blogger and blogging

            Millions of the people search daily about blog,blogger or blogging and many new people daily read these words and try to find their meaning.If you search on google about blog or blogging or will find millions of results.Why this word is important?The answer is this that i think internet is meaningless without blogging and the reason is that most of the people use internet for solving their problems and to get knowledge about specific topics and to entertain themselves.And they find all these (There are many others) in blogs.
          Here i am going to briefly explain the concepts of these there words and also going to tell you how it works and how to start blogging.

What is a BLOG:-

                      Blog is derived from weblog or web log which is a type of website that contains information that is mainly in the form of articles(written material),that can also be in the form of videos or images.Blog can also be called an online dairy where one stores his information and knowledge and shares it with the whole world. 

What is BLOGGING:-

               Blogging is the term derived from blog and it can be defined as “the techniques and skills required and used to run a blog”.The skills include writting,seo(search engine optimization),designing a blog etc.
         Blogging is becoming more famous day by day and is one of the way to earn online also.Besides earning it has also alot of other benefits and also benefits the readers.This means you can earn as well as help others and improve your writting etc.

Who is a Blogger:-

                                The blogger is the person who blogs.Means the one who create a blog and then write his content and also do other things that are included in the definition of blogging.
        Blogger has also to take care of his readers and write about the requirements of his readers and to solve the problems of people because he is the one who is blogging for providing knowledge to others and shares his experiences with his readers.
       The main goal of the blogger should be helping others not money because one can earn from giving knowledge to other by teachings etc but blogger is the one who gives his knowledge for free because he main goal is to help others and than earning from a blog is just the gift of his hard work.

What is CMS:-

          CMS stands for (Content management system).It is software that makes blogging easy.In simple words it is a software that creates all the urls and web pages itself.So you dont need to waste time on these things and just focus on your content.
         In older days when there was no content managements systems one need to design his blog by an expert and it will cost him much but now a days one can create a blog in seconds for free.So in simple words cms is a tools that makes blogging fun and easy.

How to start Blogging:-

        Now a days to start a blog is very much easy and also free but if you need better results you and want to become a problogger (professoinal blogger) you can also invest in a blog.
  To start blogging your first step should be to decide a niche (topic).
  Then after deciding your niche you need to choose a blogger platform (CMS) for your self.there are many blogging platforms but the most famous and recommended ones are:
   After choosing platform you can start designing your blog and start publishing your content.

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