What is blog,blogging and who is blogger

Many people share their views and their knowledge throughout the world using internet because it is the only source that connects the people throughout the world.They create their online presence and online space via blogs and in simple words a site that enable them to save their content and make it visible to everyone.So the question is:

What exactly a blog is:-

Blog is a word derived from weblog or web log that is a site that stores content that can be in the form of posts(articles),videos or images etc. The purpose of blog is to share the information.Unlike other sites a blog is like an online diary or book that stores information but it differ in a sense that one could add fresh content in his site.


What is a CMS:-

CMS stands for content management system.This is a basically a software that makes blogging easy like WordPress or blogger.This system is used in blogs unlike other static sites, in blogs the pages are changed continuously i.e the new content comes first and the old goes down. In the beginning of blogging there were not any CMS and was very difficult to build a blog but now a days every one can create a blog in few minutes without having any knowledge of coding.

What is blogging:-

Blogging can be simply defined as the techniques and skills required to run a blog is called blogging.

The skills may be writing,seo(search engine optimization),designing etc.

Blogging has become very important in these days and many people have their own blogs to spread their knowledge throughout the world.

It can also be used for business to provide details about products etc and the majority of business companies are using it to aware the people about its products.

Who is a blogger:-

Blogger is a person who runs a blog.Means the one who create a blog and then write articles on different topics in his niche(topic) or if he has personal blog he can write about his experiences etc.

Unlike a writer blogger also take care of seo(search engine optimization) and his readers by solving their problems.As blog enable us to comment on articles and the readers can also share their views and experiences and also can ask questions from the author.

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