Ways to earn online for beginners

Earn online is the most searched topic on internet and many people want to earn some extra money in their extra time from internet and search on goolgle how to earn online but most of the beginners do not get right information and didnt earn and think that it is imposible to earn from internet.So here is a guide to earn online for beginners.These are the simple ways that are for beginners and they should start with these before jumping to those ways which are for proffesionals because if they try it they will only get disappointment.
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Earn online with PTC(paid to click) Sites:-

    PTC stands for Paid to click sites.Whenever a new person in the field of online earning search on google about how to earn online he will definitely came across PTC sites.This is a business of advertizement and there are many scam sites but some are legit and paying.The earning with PTC sites is very low but it take only 5-10 minutes a day.You can also invest to earn more.
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Earn online with GPT(get paid to) Sites:-

  GPT stand for Get paid to.They are very much similar to PTC and many PTC sites also include this feature.You can earn by doing simple tasks such as commenting on youtube video,sign up to a site etc.

Earn online with PTP(paid to post) forums:-

  PTP stand for Paid to post forums.These are discussion forums and you earn for every new thread as well as commenting on threads.Mostly they pay 2-5 cents for one post.This is the best and easy way to earn online for beginners.There are many PTP forums such as Goldentalk.
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Earn online from Freelancing sites:-

  With freelancing sites you can sell your services online.It could be writing,designing,web development,translation etc.Those who need these services will hire you and will pay you for your services.

Earn online from a blog:-

 Blog is a type of websites that contain information.You can easily create a free as well as paid blog like this one Buildonlinecareer.com.You can write articles on any topic on your interest and earn from your blog by selling advertising spaces,selling products etc.

Earn online with captcha entering sites:-

 Captcha sites are those sites that provide captcha entry job i.e you will enter the words from an image and will earn money.These captcha is used by other sites to avoid spam.There are many captcha entry sites but earning with captcha entry is very slow and boring.

Earn online with fiverr and similar sites:-

  Fiverr is a site like freelancing where you will place a gig(like an add of your services) and people will buy your services for $5.You can do small tasks(like a 300 word article etc) for $5 and earn a good money online.

Earn online from youtube:-

  You can create videos and upload them on youtube to earn online.You can become a member of youtube partnership program and earn from the ads on your videos.

Earn of Affiliate marketing:-

  You can become affiliate of companies such as hostgator etc or you can became an amazon affiliate and ask people to buy via your affiliate or you can place your affiliate links/banners on your website/blog to earn commissions from the sale of products.

Earn online from online surveys:-

  There are many sites that offer paid surveys.A survey is your opinion about a certain product and many companies are willing to pay you for your opinion to improve there products and services.So they take these surveys via these surveys sites and pay you for it.

Earn online from article writing sites:-

 There are many sites that pay the writers for writing articles.Some of them pay per articles and some share there revenue with you i.e revenue sharing article writing sites.These sites pay you a certain percent of which they earn from your articles.
   So this is a list of some ways to earn online for beginners.The list can be very long because there are numerous ways to earn online but this was the basic ways to earn online for beginners.Suggest me is if have missed something in comments.

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