Ways to create a web site.

There are many types of sites.Some examples are business sites,profit sites,social site,personal blog,niche blog,discussion forums,image galleries and video sharing websites etc.There are many ways to create web site and your online presence,your online property.Some sites also provide a platform where people can create free sites and blogs.Below is given some ways to create a web site.

Requirements for creating a web site:-

To create a web site you need two important things and that are name and home where it actually exists.The name which is the identity of any website is called a domain name and the storage where it exist is called webhosting.

Domain name:-

Domain names are the identity and is most important thing you need in order to start a web site.For example google.com or my site url myonlineexperiences.com is a domain name.There are many platforms that provide free sub domains.e.g when you create a free blog using blogger platform they will give you a free subdomain such as example.blogspot.com. Here blogspot is the main domain and example.blogspot.com is sub domain the blogger provide you.You can also register your own domain which start for $10 per year depending on domain registrar.

Web hosting:-

Web hosting is the space where your site exist.You can use free hosing(there are many available) or you can buy web hosting from some reputable company or you can also convert your own pc into a web host.There are many softwares available for this purposes.

Types of sites:-

As i explained earlier that there are many forms of sites and it depends on you which type of site you want to create.

Business sites:-

If you want to create a site that represents a brand than you should register a domain name and buy web hosting and hire someone to design and develop the site for you in case if you are not able to do it yourself.


Blogs are sites that contain content i.e information in the form of articles.There are many personal blog around internet where people share their knowledge with other people.There could be many reasons to start a blog.Some people start blog to earn money,some start as a hobby,some start a blog where they can write about their business etc etc.

Blogs are very important and they dominate the internet.There are many blogs and their number is increases in any other forms of web sites.The reason is that it is easy to create and there are many free and paid platforms available that makes blogging easy.

How to start a blog:-

As i said earlier that there are many platforms,with the help of which you can start a blog.Some are free and some are paid.Here are the few famous and most used blogging platforms:


Blogger is owned by google and provide free blogging platform.It gives free and free subdomains.It is used by many people and is the easiest way to create a blog using this platforms.There are many templates and available and you are not required to design your own theme.

You can start your own blog using blogger in few minuter.You just need a google account and you are ready to go.

Read this guide to find how to start a free blog using blogger platform.


WordPress is another platform that allows you to create a free blog.There are two versions of wordpress.One is wordpress.com and is called hosted wordpress.This resembles blogger because it also provide free sub domain and free hosting.

Read this guide to create a hosted wordpress blog in few minutes.

Another one is wordpress.org.This is a software and requires a domain and your own hosting to install on.After registering domain and buying hosting,you can easily create your own blog by installing this software.This is the most used blogging software.

Read this guide to know how to start a self hosted wordpress.

Read this simple guide on how to earn from blogging.

How to create an image gallery:-

If you want to create an image gallery,you will buy hosting or sign up for free hosting and then use software to create image gallery.There are many softwares and it is easy to create your own image gallery.

How to create discussion forum:-

There are many softwares that can be used to create an discussion forums.Discussion forums are good platforms for discussing some particular topic.And now a days due to these free and paid softwares it is quite easy to create discussion forums in minutes.

All you need is a domain name and hosting.As i said earlier you can get free as well as paid.But i recommend to use that hosting which gives one click installation of these softwares and other such as blogging softwares and images galleries etc.If they didn’t provide that one click installation you will have to install it manually,which is little time consuming and hard work.

Here is a detailed guide on how to create a discussion forum


There are many types of web sites and now a days you can create one according to your will with cheap cost or you can create some of them even free.It is a good idea to create any form of site if you want to start an online business or want to do it as a hobby if your hobby is writing,collecting images,online discussion etc.


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