Ways to backup wordpress blog

Backup of your blog is very important because if in any case you have some difficulties accessing your site or your site is hacked or you done something wrong in coding and your site does not open then is this case you can easily restore your backup and make your site live on internet again in few minutes if you have a backup of your site.Especially if you are using self hosted WordPress then the chances of hacking your site and losing your site is high.In such situation you must have a knowledge on how to backup a self hosted WordPress blog.There is not single way to backup WordPress blog therefore today i am going to state some commonly used ways to backup a WordPress blog.

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Backup wordpress blog


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Best ways to backup a self hosted WordPress blog:-

There are a few ways to backup a self hosted WordPress blog.So if you wonder how to backup a WordPress blog then this tutorial is for you.Carefully read and understand these ways and decide which one you are comfortable with if you want to backup your blog for safety reasons.

Backup your WordPress blog using plugins:-

Plugins are one of the easiest way to backup your WordPress blog.It is the easiest way because most of these plugins automate the process and it will take regular backups at the time which you have set up.

So you will not required to backup manually.The plugin will do its work and some of them will store your backup file and drop box etc so that you will be able to easily download it from there at the time of need.

There are many paid and free plugins but you should select the one which suit you according to your needs and budget.

Backup your self hosted WordPress blog form c panel:-

It is easy way but it requires manual work.Although the your hosting provider keeps regular backups but it adviced to make mauall backup periodically and keep it in your hard drive becaue your shoudl not completely depend on your hosting company.

You can backup your complete database with one click from your cpanel and then you can download it and save it on your hard drive and dropbox etc.

Another way is to backkup your completer blog with softaculous.You can do so by navigating to softacolous then wordpress and then click on backup which is in front of your blog name.Then download it and save in your hard drive.

Backup your site from php myadmin:-

You can also backup your complete site from php myadmin.

Go to php my admin and select the database in which your site exist, which you want to backup and select all the folders.The click on export at the top.Select format and then click on download and save it in your hard drive.

From editorial desk:-

It is highly recorded to backup your WordPress blog regularly because you can face problems any time and in any circumstances the easy way to solve an issue with your site is to restore a backup.As in the last days i was i also in the same problem because i deleted some file from my c panel and then my site was not working.

Fortunately i had a backup and i restore it and my issue resolved.So it is highly advice to keep regular backup with your self in your hard drive using any of the above methods.But in my view the best way is to download the complete WordPress with database and associated ftp account.

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