Ways to add adsense code in wordpress blog

Every blogger wants to become an adsense publisher because it is the best and high paying ad network and is owned by google.So if adsense team has just approved your application and you want to know how to add adsense code in your wordpress blog than you are at the right place.

And if you still have not an approved adsense account then go and apply for it here.But before applying you need to make your blog according to google adsense policies and for that you should read this post first:How to get approved by google adsense-some quick tips.

Now if you have an adsense account and you dont know how to add adsense code in wordpress blog and show ads on your wordpress blog than read this step by step guide.

add adsense ad in wordpress blog

How to add adsense code in wordpress blog-a step by step guide:-

If you are a wordpress user than you can add adsense code in your blog within few minutes and after that it will take a few more minutes for ads to start showing on your site/blog.

As we all know that we can install different plugins in wordpress and they are available for almost everything.And that is one of the reason that it makes wordpress different and easy to use from other blogging platforms.

So, here in this post i am going to tell you two different ways to add adsense code in your wordpress blog.

First method is adding adsesne code directly in your blog theme-This is for those who know coding.

And the second and easy method is to add adsense code to your wordpress blog via free plugins.This is the easy method and doesnt require any coding knowledge.It requires a few clicks and you are ready to go.

So, lets start with the first method:

Add adsense ads to your blog from theme code:-

If you have some knowledge of coding and know where to add adsense code to show ads in specific location than this method is for you because if you use this method, it saves you from installing plugins which can slow down your site and plugins provide specific option and if you use plugins you cannot add code to all the places you want because they have specific location where you can add your adsense code.

Add adsense code in your sidebar or header:-

If you want to add an adsense code in the sidebar or header of your blog, then you can do it easily without any use of plugins.Here is a step by step guide.

1.Login to your wordpress dashboard.

2.Navigate to appearance and then click on widget.

add adsense code in wordpress blog

3.Find text and click on it,then click on primary side bar or header(where you want to add the code).

Add adsense code in side bar

4.And click on add widget.Then go to primary side bar and find the text option which you have just added.Now paste your adsense code there and click on save.

Add adsense code in side bar

Add adsense code in side bar

Note:You can add squares,rectangles and vertical bars in your sidebar.

Add adsense code in wordpress blog via plugins:-

If you want to add adsense ads in your posts before content or after content or at the middle of contant automatically than you should use plugin becuase it will waste you time if you add code again and again while writing new posts.

So the easily solution for this is a plugin called ad inserter.This plugin has high rating and is also update a month ago while the other plugins which i tried are not updated for years.

After trying several plugins i find ad inserter the best and therefore i am going to write step by step guide to use ad inserter for placing ads within content and other places automatically.

A step by step guide to use ad inserter:-

Follow this step by step guide to learn how to use ad inserter plugin.

1.Go to plugins and install ad inserter plugin or download it from the above plugin and upload it.

how to use ad inserter plugin

2.Go to settings and click on ad inserter.

step by step guide to use ad inserter2

3.Create a new ad unit in your adsense account and copy code from it.

4.In ad inserter name the ad unit and copy ad code.

step by step guide to use ad inserter3

5.Below code area there are various option which can be used for ad position like you can place it above title,before content,after content and before paragraph etc.You can also select where to show ads e.g only on posts or pages or homepage or archives or all of the pages.

6.After selecting options click on save setting and wait  for a few minutes.Ads will start to display on your blog.

I find this plugin very easy to use and to add adsense code in word press blog.If you know about any other plugin, you can share about it with us in the comment section below or if you want to ask any question fell free ask in comments section below.I will be glad to help you out.

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