What is vps and difference between managed and unmanaged vps

VPS stands for virtual private server.It is a type of webhosting tha t provide you a virtual server.Means, it is not a real server but it works as it and it would be your own server where you can host your site, create vpn etc

VPS are better than other shared hosting because in shared hosting, your site would be hosted with thousands of other sites and any risk or attack to other sites on the same server, may cause problems to your site as well.While in case of VPS, it is not the case but in it there are other risks involved.So, first you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of vps (virtual private server)

Pros and cons of vps:


  • It is you own server, where you can host any amount of sites.
  • You can also host your other files etc
  • You can also create vpn etc
  • VPS can bear more traffic then shared hosting.
  • It provides more space then many shared hosting,
  • You can buy mulitiple ip address.


  • You would have to take care of your hosting
  • You would have to buy additional stuff like cpanel etc
  • VPS can be attacked more easily then shared hosting if you havent taken security measures.
  • It is expansive then shared hositng.

Types of VPS:

VPS are of two types:One is called managed vps and the other is called unmanaged vps.

Managed vps:

This type of vps is managed by the hosting provider and they will take care of everything.You will not need to pay for anything else or set it up.You will only have to host your site.But this type of vps usually costs more than unmanaged vps but in this case, you will not have to spend time on other things.

Unmanaged vps:

In this case hosting providers will provide you with just a server and ip address and you will have to all the other things yourslelf.These types of vps are very cheap (some even cheaper then shared hosting) but the problem is, you will have to take care of all other things and spend money on it as well.

Should you buy managed or unmanaged vps

What are differences between managed and unmanaged VPS:

Here are some of the major differences between managed and unmanaged vps:

  • Managed vps is easy to whlile unmanaged is not.difference between managed and unmanaged vps
  • Managed vps costs more while unmanaged costs very less.
  • InĀ  case of managed vps, you will have to just buy hosting while in case of unmanaged vps, you will have to buy hosting as well as other stuff like cpanel etc.
  • You need to be techie to set up unmanaged vps while it is not necessary in the case of managed vps.


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