How to start a typical link building compaign

When we talk about link building, we mean to create links of your site or blog on other sites pointing to your sites.The advantage of link building is you get good impression in the eyes of google and your pages rank high in SERPs when you have good number of back links. The.The other benefit is that you get free referral traffic from those site where your links exists because when people read your anchor text or your site url they will click on it and reach your site hence you will make new readers or customers.

Use of anchor text in link building:-

When you start building links, you should  create some anchor texts of your links because it makes CTR high and you can rank your sites or articles for your targeted keywords.

It is better to use different keywords because it looks natural and have positive effect on the SEO of you blog.

How to start a link building campaign:-

To start a link building campaign, you should consider starting from simple and easy places and high quality relevant links.

When you start link building , you should first go for those places from which it is easy to get links such as blog comments and social media sites etc because in the beginning you will want more and more links to make readers.After you make some readers, they will link to your content and you will build links naturally.

Always build high quality links and do not spam because it will put bad impression on search engines and people as well and search engines may penalize you for your this act.

Many people want to build links by spamming the comments system.They use software to make the procedure automatic.

As comments on my this blog are do-follow,i receive many Spam comments.I delete all of them because it is harmful for both link builder and the owner of the site from where you are getting links.

So keep it in mind that quality always wins over quantity.

To start link building , i am giving here some ways from which you can start a typical link building campaign.

1. Start with blog commenting:-

Blog commenting is the easy way to make some back links in less time.To start building links via commenting find some blogs related to your niche and start commenting on it.

To comment on such blogs it is necessary to first read the articles and then write a good detailed comment.It the writer has missed something mention it and share your views and experience on that topic.

It will benefit you by getting links and you will also make new friends.

The results can be opposite if you Spam the commenting system by writing duplicate comment or by just typing “good post” etc.

2.Use social networking sites:-

One of the easy way to build links is to use social networking sites.Just create account of your site on some popular social networking sites and put you link on profile as well as share your content on these sites.It will make new readers and some quality links.

3.Use web 2.0:-

You can use use some web 2.0 sites such as hubpages,squido etc.There are many article writing sites where you can write articles and include link to your site within your articles.Some of these sites pay you as well for writing articles.So you will make some cash as well as you will build high quality related links.

Another way is to create web 2.0 properties like free blogs.It is easy to create a free blog with blogger or wordpress and then write some short articles related to your blog articles and link to your main article as source or cite.

4:-Discussion forums:-

It is good way to use discussion forums for learning new things within your niche and the extra benefit is that you can get links in the form of signature from these forums.Plus you can also add your link in comments if someone needs some help and you have written related article,so you can post your link in comment.It will solve their problem and you will get a link with some traffic and probably that traffic may convert into new readers and friends.

5:-Social profiles:-

It is also a good way to get some links from social networking profiles.These links have very good impact on SEO because Google think that your site is of importance and increase its domain authority as well as page rank.

Although much of these links will be no-follow but still they have good impression and still counts.

This was the list of some important ways to links build.There are many other ways to build links but these are the basic and most important.And those web masters who are new and want to build some quality links should start with these steps.Because they are white hat techniques and helps a lot in improving domain authority,page rank and brings referral traffic.

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