Top 3 reliable and affordable wordpress hosting

If you are blogging on a professional platform like wordpress, then you would need quality hosting as well. The reason is that hosting matters a lot. You whole site performance i.e its speed, its up time etc depends on its hosting. Therefore, the more quality hosting you have the more good would be user experience and search engine ranking. Because site speed and up time are also a ranking factors.

So, in this post i will tell you about the top 3 most reliable and affordable wordpress hosting that are used by majority of the wordpress users. These hosting provide free domain as well for the first year when you buy hosting from them. So, it good for you to start your new blog with one of these hosting as you will save your money on domain.

Another important thing about these hosting companies is that they are recommended by wordpress and they will not cause any issue if you use them for wordpress as they are wordpress compatible.

reliable and affordable wordpress hosting

Reliable and affordable wordpress hosting:

These are three best wordpress hosting with their pricing and packages:


It is one of the well known and most used hosting company. Their shared hosting is best for new wordpress blog. And they give free one year domain registration as well. So, you can start you wordpress blog with them in few minutes and in few dollars.

Here are the plans of hostgator shared hosting:

hostgator plans


As you can see the hatching plan has the best rates and it is best if you are a beginner and starting your first blog.

Blue host:

This is also one of the best wordpress hosting giving some good features like cpanel shared hosting with one click wordpress installation. This is a good feature for newbies who dont know much about domains and hosting and cannot install worpdress manually.

Here are the shared hosting plans of blue host:

blue host plans

They have also very reliable and affordable prices and and their customer support is also very good like hostgator. So, if you have any problem, you can easily reach them with your hosting providers.

Dream host:

This is also a high quality wordpess hosting but they have special discounts which make their hosting more cheap then the other two mentioned above. They also provide good customer support and one click wordpress installation.

Here are dream host shared hosting plans:

dreamhost plans

Final words:

If you want to start your blog on wordpress, or any other platform, you would need quality hosting and the companies mentioned above are very popular and trusted brands.

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