Some tips for starting your first blog

Blog is a type of site that contains content in the form of written posts.If for any reason you want to start your first blog. then consider reading this post till end because it will tell you about you needs and about the best blogging platform for you.

If you are starting your blog on any blogging platform,without thinking about your needs you may suffer later.Therefore you should start your blog on the best platform that satisfy your need because if have transferred this blog from blogger to wordpress and i know about the difficulties and loses in sifting your blog later.Here i am going to discuss a few situations for the needs of different people.

Starting your first blog-things to keep in mind:-

When you start your first blog you will do a lot of work on it and later, you may though that you are on the wrong track and you may start a new blog or shift your blog to another blogging platform.And this will require some other work and you will definitely lose some traffic and ranking.Therefore you must start you blog on the right platform according to your needs.Here i am proving you some of the conditions and you have to select in which category you are and what should you do to start your first blog:

starting your first blog

  1. You want to start a blog for hobby.
  2. You want to start a hobby blog but later you may convert it to business blog.
  3. You want to start a blog for some school class or friends etc.
  4. You want to start a personal blog to share about yourself.
  5. You want to start a blog for earning purposes.
  6. You want to start a blog for business company etc.

Now if you are interested in any of the above category then you should follow the instructions below:

Category 1:A hobby blog:

For hobby blog, or blogger would be the best choice because if you don’t want to earn and just start a blog fun then why waste money on such a blog.Go and start a free blog on either blogger/ or tumblr etc.

Category 2:Hobby blog for earning:-

If you want to earn later from a hobby blog then there are three choices.Either start a free blog on blogger or start a blog on blog on blogger with custom domain.

If you can invest in it, then start your blog on self hosted wordpress from the first day because it will save your time in future when you make your blog professional.

Category 3: community blog:

If you want to start a blog for your friends, relatives etc or for your class then you don’t need to invest money.You can start it on any free blogging platform.But if it is for institution, then you must start it on self hosted wordpress.

Category 4:Personal blog:

There are two type of personal blog.First type is that blogs in which the blog owner write about his life.You can create this blog on any free blogging platform.

But if it is personal brand where the blog owner share his business experience etc like balkhis and matthew woodward, then you must start it on self hosted wordpress or on blogger with custom domain.

Category 5:Blog for earning purposes:

You can earn from free as well as paid blogs but blogs on self hosted wordpress and on blogger with custom domain looks more professional.So if you want to earn from advertising then you should start blog on blogger with custom domain or start it on because famous advertising companies like google adsense doesn’t easily accept free blogs.

But if you want to earn from affiliates you then you should also choose but it is not necessary.

Category 6:Business blog:

If you want to start a blog that represent some brand, then you must start a professional blog on and design a custom theme etc for it because business blogs should be very unique.

Final words:

I think after reading this post, you would be in a position to start your first blog and choose a blogging platform between different free and paid blogging platforms like, and

If you still need my advice then use the comment form below.I would be glad to help you out.

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