Things to remember while starting your first blog

Starting a first blog is not an easy task. Sometimes you need to know about some technical things, sometimes you would be looking for good platforms and themes etc. Overall it is very complicated and hard process for those who are doing it for the first time. Although it is a fun as well to learn new things but sometimes you could be stuck somewhere and then it becomes very hard to find the solution of your problem

Till now, i have build a dozen of blogs, and i have a good experience in starting new blog, therefore i am writing this post to warn you about the things you need to take care before starting your first blog.

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Starting your first blog-start with the most important step-the keyword research:

Often, new bloggers start their new blog without doing keyword research for their first blog which is the most important thing for the success of any blog. I also did this mistake many time and didnt get success with blogging.

When you start a blog without doing any keyword research, you start your blog blindly. Because you could be starting a blog in such a niche in which there is high compeition. And for a newbie it is almost impossible to survive in high competition. If you donot have patience then it is completely imposible to survive for some months in a compeitive niche.

I have writen some posts about how to do a keyword reasearch. Read these guide and then come here and follow the remaining guide.

Choosing your blogging platform:

After keyword research, another important thing is to decide your blogging platform. This also matters a lot. Different people have different choises. but if you can afford, you should go for paid platforms. If you are a beginner and donot know about technical things, you can go with free platforms as well. But with free platforms, you cannot create professional blogs. Still free platforms works best.

I have written a complete guide about how to choose your blogging platform according to your preference. You can read it from the link below:

How to choose your blogging platform.

Using custom domain or free domain:

This is also very important if you choose to use free blogging platform in the above step. If you choose free blogging platform, then according to my experience, you should use because they give you the facility to add a top level domain to your blog. And you can also place ads etc on your blog.

So, for those who want to use free blogging platform, they should at least invest in domain and connect it with their blogger blog. The benefit of using custom domain is that, you would lose your ranking and visitors when you switch to custom domain latter. So, it is better to invest some money at the beginning then losing much more money and visitors latter.

Final words:

These are some of the important things, which i thought are important while starting your first blog. If you have any problem or want to add something more, use the comment form below. We would be glad to hear you.


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