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Now a days almost every other site is using sponsored content as a type of monetization. The reason is that, it gets high click through rates and earn more. And the second reason is that the site looks clean and free of ads as the reader doesn’t know that this is sponsored content.

Another thing is that sponsored content is very attractive and catchy to eyes and most of readers click on it thus most of the times it gives high CTR ( click through rate) which means more revenue.

Often most of these networks gives good cpc (cost per click) which some times is higher then adsense and other networks.

Some popular sponsored content ad networks:

If you have heard about these networks, you would know some of them because many of the popular sites that recieves millions of page views every month uses sponsored networks like taboola and outbrain etc to monitize their traffic. Here is the list of some of the popular sponsored ad networks:

  1. Taboola
  2. Outbrain
  4. Mgid
  5. adblade
  6. zemanta
  7. disqus
  8. Nster

This post is for the comparison of taboola and so i wouldn’t do deep in these other ad networks but these are the top 8 poplar networks that are given above.

Taboola vs

The reason i am comparing between taboola and is that these are best networks and will work for both large and small publishers.

After reading this review you would know which one to choose according to your site traffic.

Taboola review:

Taboola is one of the best sponsored content ad network but the problem is that it doesn’t approve small publishers to use their ads. But it is one of the best monetization option for large publishers who have millions of pageviews per month and want to increase their revenue.

It can be used along with adsense and other high paying networks but it would pay much closer to these other networks, or sometimes it would pay more than adsense.

The only negative thing about taboola is that it doesn’t approve small publishers. Therefore, if you have less traffic, you should go for

taboola vs review: is another sponsored content ad network that has grown very rapidly in last few year. Though it doesn’t pay very high like taboola and outbrain but its cpc rates sometimes reach equal to adsense and normally it is a bit less than it. But the good thing about this network is that, it let small publishers as well to place ads i.e their approval is very easy and fast.

Here is my full review of

Here is how ads look: review

Final words:

If you have a blog/site and you want to monitize it or want to earn some extra money along with adsense etc, then you should use sponsored content as they look natural and pays good as well.

If you site fulfill the criteria of taboola then you should go for it because it is the highest paying sponsored content network. It pays much more then but it your site traffic is less then is the best option to monetize your traffic.



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