Still thinking to start a blog, then read this

If you have read somewhere about blog and blogging and you still haven’t started your own blog then you should take action now and start your blog today.
There could be many reasons to start a blog.So if you are confused to start a blog or not then first read this post and decide.
Why you should start a blog

If after reading the above mentioned post if you want to start a blog then decide wisely your blogging platform and start then start your blog with that platform.

If you don’t know about different blogging platforms, then read this post and decide whether your needs are satisfied with a blogger or wordpress blog.

How to start your first blog

There are two most used blogging platforms.One is blogger and the other is wordpress.So read the below given articles.They will help you to start your first blog.

How to start a blog with blogger.

How to start a blog with wordpress.

After reading the above given posts if you are still confused, then drop a comment below and i will be glad to help you out.


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