Step by step guide to start niche site

If you are a blogger and want to earn some quick cash from blogging and blogs then you should consider starting micro niche sites because they are easy to rank and requires less effort then competitive authority sites.

Many blogger start their blogging career to earn some money out of it but unfortunately majority of them quit after a few months.

The reason of their failure is that 90 percent of these bloggers start their blog on blogging, technology and online earning niche which  is very competitive and requires years to rank if the blogger is newbie.

So, if you are a newbie blogger and want to earn from blogging then you should try to build and rank micro niche blogs.

If you don’t know about micro niche blogs here is a detailed guide and how to start your first niche site.

how to stat niche site

What is micro niche blogs:-

Niche means the topic of your blog.And micro niche means any category or a sub topic of any main topic.Like if the niche of my blog is technology then the micro niche will be any specific mobile phone or laptop brand etc.

So,if you are a blogger and you are not earning money because you are in very competitive niche, you should try your luck in niche blogging.

Why you should start niche site:-

As i have mentioned earlier that micro niche site are easier to rank and requires very less effort and you can easily earn some good money with less effort.

Here are some of the pros of micro niche sites:

Pros of micro niche sites:-

  • They are easier to build.
  • They need less effort.
  • They can make you quick money.
  • They are easier to rank.
  • Once ranked, you can make money for months or years without working on your site.
  • There are very few other sites which you would need to outrank if you select the right keyword.

How to start niche site:-

So, after reading the importance and ease of earning of micro niche sites, you would be excited to know how to start niche sites.

Here i am going to discuss step by step process to stat your niche site.

Note:I will discuss each of these steps in detail in separate posts.

Keyword research:First step towards niche blogging:-

The first and most important step on which the success and failure of niche site depends is keyword research.

Yes, you heard correct.The success of your niche site depends on this step i.e keyword research for your niche sites.

Do you know why majority of the newbie blogger fail and quit blogging?The answer is very simple.They read about the success stories of other blogger who blog about blogging or technology or online earning and get excited.

Then they start their blog on the same topic and hope for the quick cash flow.But after three or four months they quit blogging and then tell everyone that it is impossible to earn from blogging.

Why they fail in blogging?Because they start their very first blog without any keyword research.They start their blog in that niche in which there are already hundreds of blogs and how can a newbie compete and outrank a pro blogger.

So, if you want to get success in blogging, you should accept the reality that keyword research is one of the most important factor that contributes to the success of any site.

Ok.So after knowing the importance of keyword research, you would be thinking about how to do keyword research.

For keyword research, you need some tools/softwares.And fortunately there are many free and paid tools for keyword research.

I will write in depth about how to do a keyword research in my next post.But here is a quick guide to get an idea about how to do a keyword research.

Read my review of a long tail keyword research tool called keyword revealer.

For complete step by step guide of keyword research read this post:How to do keyword research for niche sites

Register domain and buy hosting:-

After finding you main keyword and some other long tail keywords, you are ready to start niche site on that keyword.First of all search for domain names.Use your keyword in domain but your domain should not be exact match with keywords.

After registering domain, now buy hosting and point your domain name servers to your hosting.

Then install WordPress on your domain and your site will be nearly ready.

Install theme and plugins:-

Before starting your content writing work, you must install a good looking theme and a few essential plugins.

You can find many free themes which are great for niche site or if you want to invest more in your niche site then you can buy a premium theme which would make your site look more professional.

If you know coding, you can customize your theme and make it perfect for your site but if you don’t know than you should take care while selecting the theme.

After that makes some changes in header and sidebar area and make it according to the needs of site.

Install some important plugins because without plugins you cannot optimize your site well and it waste your time as well if you don’t use plugins because these plugins make everything automatic.

Do not install too much plugins because many plugins can slow down your site which is a negative impact on your seo.Now a days google considers site speed one of their ranking factor.And it also effects user experience.So, my advice for niche site is that you should install only necessary plugins.

I will write a detailed post on important plugins for niche site.Because niche sites are not like ordinary authority blogs.It needs some plugins for your affiliate products etc which will be mention in my coming posts.


Now here comes the most important part, that is writing content.Usually micro niche sites needs very few content.20 to 25 posts are enough for a normal micro niche site to rank but still it depends upon you and niche.You write more than that for good ranking.

Usually micro niche sites have a static home page which is based on main keyword and other posts which are based on related long tail keywords.

Home page:-

Home page is the most important page of a niche site because it is static and you will have to rank that.And for this you need to focus on your home page and make it appealing for reader to buy your products.

You can write it yourself or can hire some professional writer for it if you are not an expert or don’t have time for that.

If you want to write it yourself then keep a few things in mind.That are:

First is that you must have more than 1500 words in your home page and it should be well optimized.You can use seo yoast plugin for on-page optimization.Then you should use images and videos as well in your home page.It should be attractive and product links and banner should be appropriately used for good conversion.


After writing and publishing your posts, you can write posts on your other keywords.You can place these posts in sidebar and at the bottom of home page using related posts plugin.

Posts should be unique and of high quality.You should use seo yoast for on-page optimization here as well.

Link building and marketing:-

After writing and publishing quality content you should build some high quality links as well to your site.Because a site without backlinks is very difficult to rank unless the competition is zero.

So try to build some links but use the rule of quality.You should prefer quality over quantity because now a days google is very smart and they rank on high quality sites.And bad links can destroy your site, that why you should avoid black hat methods.

Here are some of my post that will help you with link building:

How to take advantage of web 2.0 for link building

Some common ways of link building every blogger should know

Seo basics-you should know before starting a site

Final words:-

If you are you are a new blogger and want to earn money via blogging then niche site is the best way.And i hope after reading this post, you would be in a posting to start niche site today because it doesn’t need any special skill.Every one can start niche site.The only thing that will help you in success in niche sites is experience.So if you are really blogging for money go and start your keyword reasearch now.I am here to guide you.If you face any problem ask here in comments or shoot me a mail via contact form.


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