How to start a profitable blog

Have you heard that blogs can make you money and you want to do so. Have you read many success story of bloggers who earn living form blogs and other who earn part time income from blogs and you also want to try the same.Or, are you a writer and want to try your luck online.Or, are you a student who want to earn some money for your expenses.

This and many more questions lead to the creation of blogs and this is the reason for the presence of millions of blogs.If for any of the above or other reason you want to start your blog , then read this guide and learn how to start a profitable blog.


How can you start a profitable blog:-

A profitable and successful blog is not the one which earn you good money but the one which brings tarffic and solves the problems of readers and in turn earn your money.A blog that helps you and your readers both is a successful blog.So, before starting a blog it is necessary that you are interested in your niche and you can write good and valuable content that solves problems of the readers.

To start a profitable blog, you need to do some research first.The first thing, you need to do is to collect some of the topics of your interest and then use this list for your research.

How to do research for starting a profitable blog:-

To do research for starting a profitable blog, you will need some tools like keyword research tools.You can find some of the keyword research guides here:

  1. How to do a keyword research
  2. How to use keyword revealer for long tail keyword research

First of all, search about these topics in google trends and find about the monthly searches for these topics.Then write 10 to 20 keywords of all the topics and use one of the keyword research tools given in the above guide links and do a research on all of them.And create a list or excel sheet.After finishing this task, pick some tool for finding keyword competition or find it manually.

Tools to check keyword competition:-

There are many tools available which can be used to check the competition of any given keyword but my favorite is long tail pro and it gives very accurate results.If you can afford this tool, then you should buy it but if you cannot afford it, the you can use keyword revealer.You can read more about keyword revealer in the above link.

How to manually check keyword competition:-

You can check competition of any keyword manually as well.You will need to check the page rank,domain authority,links pointing to the page etc of the top 10 pages shown in google first page and then collect data.

Getting results from data:-

After getting all the data, then you will have to make results.The topic which is easier to rank which has higher monthly searches will be the best but still it is your interest in that topic which will help you in getting the success.

This is easy way to start a profitable blog.If i have missed something or you want to ask anything feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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