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Blog is a site that contain your contents.Blogging simply means to run a blog.Now a days to create a blog is very is and there are also free blogging platforms,with the help of which you can create a live blog within minutes.One of these free blogging platform is


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WordPress is one of the best CMS(content management system) or simply a blogging platform.Wordpress has two version one is and  is called hosted wordpress and the other ane is and is called self hosted is free like is also free but it needs  hosting and your own domain that costs you.

So if you are not able to invest in your blog to create a blog with or you are creating a blog just for hobby then you can go with

Pros of using

  • It is free to use upto some extent.
  • There are a variety of themes.
  •  Good for personal blogs.
  • It is easy to use,coding knowledge not required.

Cons of using

  • There are limited themes.
  • Cannot be customized.
  • Don’t allow you to monetize and earn from your blog.
  • They can delete your blog any time.
  • They will show ads on your blog.
  • Plugins not available.

Why you should start a blog with

Keeping the above pro and cons in mind,if you want a free blog just as a hobby or for any other thing and you dont want to earn form your blog and build you brand then go for and create your blog right now.It took just a few minutes to create a blog.


STEP 1:-

Go to and click on get started.capture1

STEP 2:-

Fill all the required fields and click on create blog at the end for the free option.There are also paid option,you can see in the image but you can create a free blog.Later you can upgrade any time.



STEP 3:-

Confirm your email and log in to wordpress.Complete your profile there.Upload profile photo and then from my blog tab click on create another blog.



STEP 4:-

A new window will open,fill all the fields with blog address,title and privacy and click on create blog.



STEP 5:-

After creating your blog,you can access your dashboard from My blogs tab i.e explained in step No 3.You can write your first post and change your theme from your blogs dashboard.

Now you have a live blog.You can write post.Edit settings and change your blog theme from dashboard.You can also create some important pages like about us,contact us and privacy policy etc by going to pages from your dashboard.Enjoy blogging with your new blog.

Learn how to create a free blog with blogger.



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