How to start a blog site

Blogging is the best way to share your knowledge with world and earn money.If you want to start your online career as a blogger and start your blog, then read this post till end and learn how to start your first blog site.

If you don’t know what is blog then read this post and first learn about blog, blogger and blogging.

Starting a blog site:

Now a days it is very easy to start a blog. Because of blogging softwares and platforms, one can start a blog withing few minutes for free as well as paid.

If you want to start a blog, then first decide whether, you should start a free blog or professional blog.

How to start a blog

Free blog:

There are many blogging platforms, where you can start a blog for free.These platforms provide a free sub domain with free hosting.You just need to create an account and start your blog and writing your first post at the moment.

Free blogging platforms are best for those who want to start a blogging for fun or as a hobby.You can earn as well form free blog but these are not that much good for business as paid blogs.

Here are some of the free blogging platforms:


This is one of the most used blogging platforms and it owned by google.It is easy to use and provide free sub domain with free hosting of 15 Gb.So you don’t need to worry about your hosting space because it is more then enough for your blog. is also one of the popular blogging platform and it also provide free sub domain with hosting.But you cannot place ads etc on this blogging platform.

Paid blogging platforms:

These are the proffesional and most used blogging platforms.One of it, is the most widely used blogging platform and it is free as well but you would need to buy domian and hosting to install this blogging software.

1.Self hosted wordpress:

Self hosted wordpress or is the most wildly used blogging tool/software that is used by many professional blogger and as I mentioned earlier that this blogging softwares needs domain and hosting.So you would have to buy these to use this blogging platform.

Starting your blog/ Choosing your blogging platform:

If you want to start a hobby blog or a blog not for earning purposes.Then start with otherwise it is advisable to start you blog on, which is more professional blogging tool.

Here is a detailed guide on how to choose your blogging platform.


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