My seo and case study experiment (update 1)

A few weeks ago i started a seo experiment and case study on one of my old blog and now i am here with the firs good news.

Here is the first post in which i mentioned my goals for my blog:Seo case study and experiment.

My goals:-

Here are some of my goal for my blog and in this experiment i am working on it.Some of them are:

  • Create high quality content on regular basis.
  • Build high quality links to my blog.
  • Rank my posts in google and get organic traffic.
  • Monetize my blog with different networks.

What i achieved:-

I have been creating high quality content and traffic has also increased  a bit.I haven’t started link building yet but the good news is i am now a google adsense publisher.

Yes,a few days ago i applied from that blog on which i am doing this experiment and google approved my application.

I was not expecting it because i am from Pakistan and here adsense approval is very strict.And my blog traffic was only 10 to 15 unique visitors per day.

But i think the main reason was that my blog was more than one year old and had 29 high quality unique posts of more than 500 words.

Here are some of reasons due to which adsense approved my application according to my experience:

  • My blog was one year old.
  • It had privacy policy and contact page.
  • It looked professional due to wordpress and genesis framework.
  • It had 29 unique high quality posts each more than 500 words.

Now i am more motivated to work hard on my blog and make some good money from adsense.I am also going to start focus on link building because without it ,it is very hard to rank your site in google in first page.

My goals for coming month:-

Now i will focus to bring at least 100 visitors per day from google as well from other sources.I will start writing one or two quality posts daily with one or two hours of link building and promotion.

Now each month i will update this case study and will post analytic screenshots here on this blog.I will also mention whether i have achieved my goals for that month or not.

Up-till now i haven’t achieved much but from now i am going to start some serious work on that blog and will update this post after one month so stay tuned.

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