SEO basics-Every blogger should know

SEO stands for search engine optemization and these tips are required to rank your blog posts high (on the top) in search engines.There are many ways to rank better in search engines.Some ways are called white hat SEO,these are the correct ways and when you apply these ways your are not deceiving search engines and you are playing fair but if you want to trick search engines then it is called black hat seo. If you apply black hat seo,no doubt you will rank high in SERPS but it will be for limited time.Soon google and other search engines will find you and will penalize you and eventually you will lose all the ranking and traffic. Therefore,in this post i am going to share some basic seo tips that every blogger should know because if you dont know these tips your posts will not rank high in search engines and result will be low traffic and ultilamely you will quit blogging because no one is reading your posts.Therefore it is essential to learn these tips and implement it.Do not go for black hat seo and use the below white hat tips.It will not give a quick increase in your traffic but will be long lasting.

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Basic SEO:-

When we talk about basic seo then it means that those tips are not one time follow because they are used again and again and in each post. Here is a list of things that you should consider when you are running a white hat seo campaign.

On-page SEO:-

1.Keyword research:-

Keyword research is the first and foremost important thing in seo because when some one want to search something in google he writes some particular words and the results are shown on the basis of these words. If you want to write a blog post first do a keyword research and target two or three keywords.Keep in mind that you should only target those words that have high search volume and low competition.Because if the competition is high then it would be very hard to rank for those keywords. Use long tail keywords.These are keyword phrases that people use to type on search engines and has low competition and therefore is easy to rank your post with these keywords. Then use these keywords in your posts but remember that use it 2 -4 times.Do not use it again again because it will be over optemized and will look unnatural.And google like natural content. h1 tag should be used for your keywords and the best way for this is to make your topic tag h1.Use your main targeted keyword as h1 and the other related keywords as h2 in sub headings.Do Not use h3,h4 etc.Use only h3 but not for your keywords.


The title is very important.It should contain your main key word and as i said above it is good idea to make your title tag h1 to rank high for your main keyword. Use your keywords at the start of title.And make your title attractive because if you optmize it just for search engines you will rank high but your click through rate will decrease in SERS.So make it interesting for your readers as well.


Permalinks are the links of your posts.These links also value to better ranking.

How to optimize permalinks:-

Do Not use permalinks with only number.Select the permalink with title form your setting and while writing your posts just edit then and make then short.Add your key words in it.For example just look to the permalink of this post it is just two words. If you are using blogger as your blogging platform then from the right side of post editor you can click on custom link and change it according to your need. If you are using wordpress then you can edit it below the.Near to the title your permalink is written and in front of  it you can see the edit option.Click on it and edit it.Use dash (-) between every word.


Tags do not play a big role in seo but it makes your navigation better.In blogger is termed as labels and in wordpress it is termed as tags.Both have the same meaning but very little difference.

5.Meta Description:-

Meta Description also don’t play a big role in seo but still it has some value.Your page meta description is shown in SERPS with your title and in increases CTR.

Off-page SEO:-


Backlink is simply a hyperlink on other site pointing towards your site.Backlinks most important in off page seo and also a very important factor which help in better ranking in search engines. Strong back links with correct keyword research and their positioning are the two basic things are considered very important in seo.


When there are many backlinks pointing to your site or your page then it will be valuable in the eyes of google because people only link high quality posts and backlinks determine whether the post is high quality or not there fore it is consider the first thing when google ranks sites.

How to build backlinks:-

There are many ways to build back links but those backlinks which come from high authourity sites and related sites are more valuable.So get these valuable links the easy way is to comment on related posts of other blogs and write guest posts in related posts. Social sharing is also important and these links have also good impresion on google.So create pages for your blog on these social networking sites such as facebook and twitter etc and share your posts on these pages.Add social sharing widget on your blog so that people can share your posts on their social profiles.


Seo can be considered the backbone of blogging because it helps bringing free traffic from search engines.Keeping these things and mind and following will increase your ranking day by day and you will see increase in your traffic and comments etc.At the end once again i want to mention that do not back for black hat methods and do things wisely,otherwise your site will be penalized by google.

So,that was a short guide about basics of Seo.Do mention in comments if i have missed something and also share your own experiences with us.


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