Sell your services online and earn money

If you have any skill in computer and internet, and you want to earn from home.Then, the best way is to sell your services online and earn money.Many people have good skills but they didn’t know about online earning and hence didn’t get benefit from their knowledge and skills.And there are many people who are enjoying good income form their comfort zone.

So, if you want to be like those who are earning part time or full time from internet, read the post till end.And after reading this you would be able to start account at various services selling sites and apply for some jobs.And you get some jobs at the moment.

So, how to sell services online:

There are many ways to sell your skills online.The most poplar of which is called freelancing.There are many freelancing sites which connect buyers and sellers of services and keep a share in their deals.In these sites, you would be able to find some clients.And may be these clients become your regular clients after you serve them for the first time.

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What are the benefits of these freelancing sites:

These freelancing sites will charge you for each job.But still these are the best places to find clients.Because the reason is that, without these sites you hardly find any client.And if you find one, you would not be guaranteed if he would pay you or not.

So, in order to sell your services online, you would have to join these freelancing sites and apply for jobs.After you get some jobs, you will have some clients which will give you regular projects.If not, you would have some reputation developed at these freelancing sites and your profile will become more professional.And more people will prefer you when you apply for jobs.

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How to sell your services online

Some famous freelancing sites:

Here is a list of some famous freelancing sites, If you want to start selling your services at the moment.Go and create account at these sites and start applying to jobs.


Elance is one of the most famous freelancing site, where the best freelancers are present.And many of these freelancers earn living from these sites.To start working on this site.First create your profile and start applying to jobs.If you get an order, complete it and then start looking for others.


It is same as elance.


This one is a bit different then other freelancing sites. Here, you would sell your services for $5.You can do a simple task and get paid $5.

It is different for other freelancing sites in a way that in other sites, you would have to apply to jobs posted by other people.But here you would post your gig and other people buy it.Like you would make a post about offering something and those who need it will buy it.

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Benefits of using freelancing sites to sell services online:

  • You will find many clients.
  • You will have many chances of getting job.
  • There are variety of jobs.
  • You can learn a lot after facing competition.
  • You can make regular clients.
  • You can build your profile as a freelancer.

Some other ways to sell your services:

The easiest way to sell your services is to find clients at freelancing sites.But there are some other ways as well via which you can find clients.And some of these are following:


You can start your blog, and via which you can show your skills to others.This way many of your visitors will convert to clients.And you will also earn from your blog too.So, you have two benefits this way.

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Facebook groups:

There are many Facebook groups, where you can show your skills and sell your services.Many people hire freelancers from these groups.Therefore, you can find many clients and expand your business.


Some of the online marking forums has a category where you can sell and buy services.So, it is a good idea to join these forums as well along with the other freelancing sites and Facebook groups to maximize your earning.

 Final words:

If have some skills vai which you want to help other and earn money online.Then stop wasting more time and start your freelancing business.Join freelancing sites and start to build your profiles.And after some hard work, you would be a well known freelancer.


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