How to rank a page in SERPS

If you are a blogger and want to rank your page in SERPS (search engine results pages) then you would need to learn and practice seo.SEO stands for search engine optimization and there are some techniques that will rank your pages higher in search engines results.To rank a page higher in google and other search engines, you would have to do SEO for that.

Seo can be white hat as well as black hat.White hat seo means optimizing your pages and posts for search engines according to google guidelines.Means if you are doing everything fair and are not trying to manipulate search engines than you are doing white hat seo but if you are trying to manipulate search engines then you are doing black hat seo.

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How to rank a page using while hat seo techniques:-

If you want to rank for long term benefits the you must avoid black hat techniques and follow white hat techniques while are specified by google webmaster guidelines.Some of the while hat techniques are:

Rank a page with on-page seo:

If you are using keywords naturally in your post body and are not using them too much for ranking then you are doing white hat seo.Google wants you to write quality content that provide value to your readers.So, use your keywords in title and h1 tag and use them naturally in your paragraphs and google will automatically find where to place your post or page. Because now a days google bots can find about the topic of the post and there is no benefit of using your keywords again and again in your paragraphs.Try to use long tail keyword phrases as much as you can and mostly you would not to research for them because if you write without using keywords you will use them naturally.

Learn how to do on-page seo.

Ranking a page with off-page seo:-

If you want to rank your posts, then you would need to do some efforts and build high quality relevant link because now a days google look to quality of links not quantity.So you should not spam and make links from pages which are related to your post or site.

Learn how to build links to your site

If you use tools or get links by spamming, then you will be hit by google penalty and it is very hard to recover from it.So, ranking a page in google now a days needs quality and if you did any mistake then your site will be hit by google algorithm update and you will lose all of your hard work.

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