Some quick tips for adsense approval

Now a days every new blogger start blogging just for the sake for earning.And they think that they can only earn if they have adsense ads appearing on their blogs.

They work hard for few days and then apply for adsense without reading their policies.And when they reject their application, they quit blogging and all of their hard work and time is wasted.

Now after adsense approved my application, i am here to give you some quick adsense approval tips.Now a days adsense approval is very easy and many people are approved daily for adsense.You just need to take care of a few things and you are ready to go.

tips to get adsense approved

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Adsense approval-some quick tips:-

Most of the things which i am going to mention here require just a few hours but are very important for adsense approval because it is clearly written in google policies for adsense.

You must read adsense eligibility criteria before applying for adsense account because if they reject their application for the first time, it is very hard to get approved on the same site next time.

Here are some important pages and other things which you should do before applying for adsense.

1.Privacy policy page:-

This is the most important page for google adsense approval and google has clearly mentioned in its policies that you musts disclose the privacy for your readers and other things on your site.

And according to my experience, you cannot get adsense approval with any site if you don’t have a privacy policy page.

Now the question is how to create a privacy policy page?

You can write it yourself, but it would need a lot of time and still there is a chance that you may miss something.

What i did for my site before applying was i created a privacy policy page via a free privacy policy generator.And you can do it as well.It needs just your 10 minutes but if you don’t have a privacy policy page, there is a high chance that google will disprove your application.

Here is a guide to create your privacy policy page for free.

2.Contact page:-

May be this is not that much important like privacy page but why to take the risk.And it needs your two minutes to create a contact page if  your blog is on wordpress.

If your blog is on blogger still it is very easy to create a contact page and it would require 10 minutes to create a contact page on blogger blog.

Contact page is also very important for user experience and it shows how professional your blog is.If you don’t know how to create a contact page.Read it guide on how to create a contact page on wordpress via free plugin.

And if you are using blogger as your blogging platform than read this guide to add a contact page to blogger.

3.About page:-

This one is also important for adsense approval as well as user experience although i got my adsense approved without about page but still you need to create one for your blog because it create a good impression on your readers and also makes the chances of your adsense approval high.

Here is a complete guide to add a professional looking about page to blogger blog.

Here is a complete list of pages that are important for your blog and user experience.

4.Blog/site age:-

Google has clearly mentioned in its adsense eligibility criteria(link is give above) that if you belong from countries like china,India or Pakistan etc you must wait for six months before applying for google adsense.

But many people have adsense approved before that as well and you can also do it if your site/blog ranking and traffic is good.

I applied after one year of my blog and it was approved in the first attempt, so if you are a newbie blogger you must concentrate on your blog and wait for at least 3 months before applying for adsense account.


Content is the king and without quality content a blog is nothing because such blog doesn’t rank nor it have regular readers .And same is the case with adsense.Google is very strict in terms of quality because their whole business is based on adsense and ad-words and their team review each and every application manually and only approve those sites which provide value to readers and is also profitable for google advertisers.

So if you are copying content or writing low quality spin content then don’t even think about content because adsense approval has two step the first one automated and second is manual reviews and it your post are copied or spinned or just of few words than google will disapprove your application in the first automated review which is done by bots.

6.Number of posts on your blog:-

It also doesn’t matter because i have listen form many blogger who approved adsense on micro niche sites which has only 10 to 15 posts or even less than that.

So if your blog has 10 to 15 posts each of more than 1000 words and your blog receives good traffic from google than you can apply for adsense.

But if you site is an authority site and is competitive niche like blogging and online earning etc than i will suggest that you write a least 30 quality posts of more than 500 words each because when i applied for adsense my blog had 29 posts and all of them were of more than 500 words.

7.Copyright content on your blog:

If you read google policies, you will find that it is clearly written there that we don’t accept site with copyrighted material.

Here the problem which occurs with bloggers who post unique content but still google disapprove their application for copyright material is that they write all the content themselves but copy image from google images and if these images have copyright google disapprove their application.

So, if google disapprove your application and mention reason that your application was declined due to copyrighted material on your site.And if you are sure that you have not copied any written content from any site then go and delete all of your images which you have copied form google and use flickr for free image.

Here is a complete guide on how to use flickr for free images on your blog.

After deleting all the images and replacing then wait for 2 or 3 months and then apply for adsense again and google will approve your application for adsense.

Answers for some most common questions asked about adsense:-

Here are some common question which are asked by most of the newbie bloggers about adsense:

Q:Should i apply from blogger sub domain blog?

Ans:It is possible to get approved for adsense from sub domains but very difficult.So if you cannot afford hosting and domains etc, my advice is to add a custom domain to your blogger blog which costs only $10 per year and some registrars like godaddy provide it for only 1$ or 2.

If you don’t know how to add custom domain to blogger read this complete step by step guide to add a custom domain to blogger.

Q:Can i use hosted adsense on my free blogger blog?

Ans:If you have old hosted adsense account then it may work on free blogger blogs but if you have new account which is created in 2014 than it would not work.And earning from hosted account is very less.

Q:Should i create blog on blogger or WordPress for quick approval?

Ans:This really don’t matter but WordPress blogs looks more professional so the person from adsense team which review your blog manually may be attracted more by WordPress blogs than blogger blogs.But still you can design blogger blog like a professional blog as well.

Q:That person is selling adsense account,should i buy it?

Ans:My simple answer is NO.Because this is completely illegal.And if you buy such account, google will disable your account soon because you will be using adsense on that blog which is not eligible for adsense and you will be using it.

But if someone sell services and make your blog eligible for adsense and help you in getting adsense account on your blog for money than that is not illegal but why you would need to pay someone for that.You can easily follow the above guidelines and got approved for adsense.

Q:Should i place hosted account ads via i frame?

Ans:My answer is NO, because google doesn’t allow it and your account will be soon disabled it you place ads via this method.

Final words:

So if you have problems in adsense approval follow these guidelines because i adsense has recently approved my application and all these guide lines are according to my experience.

This post has gone very much lengthy but still if i have missed something, do mention in comments section.I would be glad to solve your problem.



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