Quality vs quantity in blogging

If you have a blog and want to earn money or name with it, then you would be thinking that should i focus more on quality or quantity?

You would have read this phrase in many articles that quality is the king and it is completely true but if you want to speed up the process of your blog growth,then quantity is the thing which you would have to consider because without it,it would take ages to make your blog popular and earn a decent income from it.

To answer this question that whether quality or quantity is important in blogging,i am going to describe the pros and cons of both quality and quantity here in this post.



quality vs quantity in blogging

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Quality vs quantity in Blogging:-

Importance of quality in blogging:-

Quality is most important if you want to make regular readers and earn name within your niche.It is said everywhere that quality is the king and it is completely true.Success in blogosphere totally depends on quality.

People will only come back to your blog and will comment if you write some thing unique and good.If your content provide value to your readers they will definitely come back to learn new things from your blog and thus will become regular readers.

In this way quality helps in long run.It convert one time readers to regular readers and make you more sales.

Another benefit is your posts will be more visible as they will be on home page for longer time and more people will read it if you focus on quality only.

But if you focus only on quality and ignore quantity then it will take very long time to make your blog popular.Because search engine ranks the site with more content higher.

Importance of quantity:-

Quantity is the best way to grow your blog fast and get more page views from google and other search engines because they ranks these type of sites higher then the other which have less content and updated less frequently.

Quantity help you to earn more from ads and have good alexa ranking because alexa ranking depends mostly on traffic and more traffic means more revenue.

If you focus more on quantity then you will receive most of traffic from search engines and very few of them will convert to regular readers if you ignore quality because if there is low quality no one will visit again.

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So if you want more revenue and more traffic then your should go for quantity but also keep the quality standers within your blog posts because it will make you new readers and your blog will grow very fast.

In my opinion, a good  balance of quality and quantity is the real secret of blogging success.What do you think about quality vs quantity in blogging.Share your experiences here with us.


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