Pros and cons of namecheap

If you are a webmaster, then you would have definitely heard about namecheap. Because it is such a big brand that almost every blogger and webmaster register their domains with this company. Not only domains, but it also provide quality hosting but it is popular mainly for its domains.

If, you have not heard about namecheap, or if you have not used their services then read this guide and learn about the various advantages and disadvantages of using namecheap as a domain registrar.

What is namecheap:

Namecheap is a well known domain registrar and many people uses it to register their domain and buy web hosting. As the name shows that it provide cheap domain registration, and the reality is also same.It provides one of the cheapest domain registration services. If you have been in this industry and you have tried domain registrars, then you would be definitely aware about the quality of namecheap.

I liked this company so much that i have transfered all of my domains to this registrar. And thats why i am writing its honest review to help other to learn about this domain registrar company.

pros and cons of namecheap

Prices of domain registration in namecheap:

Usually if you look at the prices, you would notice that they provide better prices that majority of the domain registrars. But they have very few discounts like godaddy etc, where you can register your domain very cheap. But still it has promising quality and better for long run.

They also provide affiliate provide via which you can earn money by promoting their company. It is not necessary for one to become it customer to be an affiliate. Anyone can become their affiliate and earn money.

Pros and cons of namecheap:

Here are some of the pros and cons of using namecheap. If you want to register your domain with this company, then read these pros and cons first and learn from my experience. It would help you to choose your domain registrar wisely because i am not an affiliate of any domain registrar and i am just sharing my experience.


  • It is well known and popular domain registrar.
  • They have fairy good rates as compared to other registrars.
  • They have the same fees for the first year and next coming years.
  • They do have some discounts on special occasions.
  • They have excellent customs support.
  • They have various payment methods.
  • You can transfer your domain to them at very low costs.
  • They provide free whois guard for the first year.
  • Their hosting services are also very reliable and of good quality.

So, these are a few pros of namecheap. The list can be very long but these are the most important points which are necessary for choosing your domain registrar.


  • Unlike godaddy, it have very few discounts.
  • Rates are not very low but they are average.
  • Their affiliate program pays low.

I don’t think there would be much more cons than these because i don’t remember any inconvenience while using this company.

Final words:

So, this was a short review of namecheap. If you want to register your domain with them and you have further queries, then ask here in the comment form below.

If you are using this company, this must share your experience with us in comments.We would be glad to listen to you

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