Pakistani MBBS student’s success in freelancing

There are a lot of talented students in Pakistan, who are earning good amount daily by working online.Many of them are blogger and many are freelancers.Many people have proved their talent online and that’s we hear the success stories of these young students every day.

Pakistani MBBS student success story in freelancing

One of them is Uzair.Who is a MBBS student at King Edwards Medical college,Lahore.Being a medical student,Uzair has established is online business as well in freelance which is worth half million dollars and he has many employs from different countries who work with Uzair.

This talented student had started freelancing four years back and now he is a well reputed freelancer, who earns good money online which is enough for living a prestigious life.

Here is the detailed interview with Uzair from which you will know how he started his part time career online and how he got success.Here is the link to interview.

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