Earn online from paid to read emails sites

Like many other ways to earn online Paid to read emails is also one of the best way to earn online for beginners.Every one who just start out to earn online will come across these sites.These sites pay you to read an email that contain an advertisement.They are also like paid to click sites (and many ptc sites offer this as well) but instead of viewing add from the member area they send you email to your mail and then when you open the mail and click on the link inside it you will get paid.The email will also be present in member area of the site.Usually the pay a little more than paid to click.

How to start earning from paid to read sites:-

   To start earning from paid to read email site.You need to create account with these sites and verify your email.Then they will send you emails.Read them regularly.Reading is not necessary but you need to click the link inside it and then check your balance inside the members area in the paid to read site and you will notice that you earning has added to your account.When you reach the minimum payout you can request payout.Usually they pay via paypal,payza.liberty reserve and other online payment processors.

Some popular paid to read email sites:-

  There are many paid to read sites but remember that there are many scam sites.Therefore after creating account with these sites first inquire about them.You can do so by typing in google xyz.com legit or scam
(Instead of xyz.com write the url of the paid to read site).
  Some of the popular sites that pay to read emails are given below:


   Donkeymails is one of the oldest PTR site.It also pays for clicks,surveys and many more.It has $1 minimum payout for paypal,payza and also has no minimum payout for some processors.I have also been paid here and is very legit site but the problem is that it rates per click are very less and it takes 2 to 3 month to reach minimum payout.With referrals you can earn more quickly.Rented referrals system is not here you can only earn from direct refferals.They also give you referrals on upgrade.
    Join donkeymails here.


   It is the sister site of donkeymails and also has the same features as donkey mails.It is also a legit and can be trusted.I have been paid twice here and worth a try for beginners.
  Join no-minimum here


   It also belongs to donkeymails team but it is a new site.The minimum payout is high i.e $10 but with referrals you can earn more.
   Join youromails here.


   It is a PTC as well as PTR site.it also offer other earning plans like paid to signup etc.The minimum payout is very less i.e 0.01$ i.e 1 cent via paypal but earning is very less.
  Join cashcamel here.


   It is also a good site to earn money from.It sends you surveys in emails and earning potential here is then the others.They give you free $5 for sign up and is also a legit site.
   There are many other sites that pay for reading emails.You can find other by registering on paid to post forums and then you can find other PTR sites plus you will also earn from posting on these forums as well.


   If you want to earn online and you are on the beginning of your online career then you should try from simpler to complex and i think PTR is the easiest and good way to earn online.You can then invest your earned money from these sites to earn more online and build your online career.

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