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If you are a writer or you are a blogger and want to earn some money then there are many opportunities for you to become an online writer because there are many sites that pay their members to write articles for them.You can also create your own blog to become an online writer and earn online.
To start your career as an online writer is an easy as well as difficult task because every site has its own benefits and problems and if you start your own blog then it has also its own pros and cons.
Here i am doing to discuss few ways from which you can earn as an online writer.

Start your own blog:-

   This could probably the best way to became an online writer and have your own name and popularity in the world of blogging.Blogging lets you to create your own property from which you can earn as well as you can sell this property.
  Also there are many advantages and disadvantages of starting blogging as on online writing career but still it is the top most priority of many online writers.
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Online writing jobs:-

  There are many online writing jobs.many sites offer you to write for them and earn money.There are many categories of this type of jobs.

Freelance writer:-

    You can start your freelance career.Freelancer are the sites where writers and other online workers are hired by those who want to buy services.You just need to fill your details in these sites and accept offers.
   Some example of these type of sites are:freelancer,elance and odesk etc.

Revenue sharing article writing sites:-

  These sites share the revenue generated from your articles with you.These type of sites are good for those who cannot manage to create a blog.They just need to submit their article to these site and the revenue generated from your article will be divided between you and the site owners.
   Some examples of this type of sites are Hubpages,squidoo,triond,bubblews etc.

Pay per article sites:-

    These sites pay for articles.They will pay you a definite amount per article or per words.These type of sites are good then revenue sharing sites but the problem is that if they reject your article then your time will be wasted.
  Some examples of this type of sites are developer tutorials,writers weekly,listverse etc


   This was a short guide about how became an online writer and online writing jobs.And it is possible to earn online by writing articles online because there are many sites and many proofs that explain the fact that earning online by writing articles is the best way to earn online and build online career.
    In my next posts i will briefly explain them one by one.So stay updated.


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