Niche site update-September Earning and traffic stats

September is ended with some great results and memories. As the site continue to grow in terms of both traffic and income.

As the site is monetized with adsense and last month it reached its goal of 100$ a month from adsense, this month was more better as the site crossed 200$ a month. ( You can see the screenshot below)

I have been writing my niche site’s updates every month. If this is the first time you are reading this update then click here and read this case study from start.

If you want to earn from blogging and don’t know about niche sites or keyword research etc then read this case study from the start. You will learn step by step process in my first post.

niche site earning and traffic update

What i did in September:

September was another month that was full of offline activities due to exams and that’s why i didn’t give time to this site and there was not any drop in traffic. In fact traffic continued to increase because one of the post that i wrote in the last days of August ranked in the top 3 of google and it started receiving about 130+ unique visitors daily from google during september.

Daily traffic during September was above 1500 uniques and 3000+ page views.

As 90% of the traffic is from google, many of the visitors left an encouraging comments which motivates me to work more and more and shows the reason of my site’s ranking in top spots of google.

I wrote only one post in September, and that was also at the end of the month. This update have increased the traffic more and i am expecting more increase in traffic during October.

The benefit of this niche is that, there are unlimited keywords i can work on, and most of them have very low competition. So, if if write 20 more post, i think i would easily acheive my next goal which is 500$ per month from adsense.

Here are the traffic and earning screenshots:

niche site update- traffic report

niche site september earning report

Compared to last month:

Here is the traffic and earning comparison with last month:

Sessions: 45,586  (Last month= 30,918)

Page views: 100,568  (Last month= 68,809)

Earning: 229$ (Last month= 165$)

Af you see previous reports, you will see that the site is growing rapidly. And it would not stop here, as from today’s earning i can estimate that this month (October) would be the same like other. But if i publish few more posts then October can be much better then September.

And if the site grows with the same rate, i would achieve my next goal in upcoming 2 months.

Can you earn the same way:

If you want to earn the same way, then you are at the right place. Here in this blog i have written some posts that can help you to learn the process of creating and ranking a niche site. And after reading all these post, you would be able to start your own micro niche site. Here are the posts that can help you to achieve the same results:

After reading all these guides you would be able to start same site like i did. But if you have any problems  after reading all of these, you can ask here in the comments  section and i would be glad to help you out.


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