Niche site August update-Earning and traffic report

I share one of site traffic and income report every month to motivate newbie bloggers and help then lean the proper way to start blogging and earn from their sites.

This time i am updating a bit late about last month due to some offline issues but you would be surprised to see how quickly is site growing each month. I myself am surprised and excited to announce its grown in the last month and earning.

Last month was great then all other months and the best thing is that my target is also achieved in the last month. And now i have set a new target that also seems to be accomplished in the upcoming months because site is growing very fast.

  • If you want to read this case study from the start click here.

Niche site traffic and earning in August:

As mentioned earlier, last month was one of the great month as i achieved my goal with this niche site which was 100$ a month from adsense. And last month i earned 170$+ which 100%+ as compared to last month. You can check last month earning here.

Here is total traffic and earning details:

Sessions: 30,918  (last month= 2-,826)

Page views:68,809  (last month= 45,136)

Earning: 165  (last month= 68$) more than double as compared to last month

You can see the proof of traffic and income in the screenshots below:

niche site august update

niche site august earning report

What i did last month:

Last month was same like other months according to work i did. I just wrote 2 or 3 new posts and they ranked on the first page as well.

The only this behind this success is low competition keywords which i say again and again in every update, so if you want to earn the same way i.e by doing less work then you would need to find keywords with as much less competition as possible.

New target:

As my target of 100$ a month is accomplished, so i have set a new target of 500$ a month from adsense. I would keep you updated about this site every month. So, keep visiting.

How can you replicate this process:

If you want to earn the same way then i would recommend to visit and read my first post ( link given above) about this case study where i have discussed the whole process step by step. For a quick review here are the steps:

  • Do keywords research. Find long tail easy to rank keywords. ( the most important step)
  • Find good domain and register it.
  • Buy webhosting and install wordpress on your domain.
  • Set up your site. Should have a nice, clear theme and all necessary plugin.
  • Write HIGH QUALITY CONTENT. (This is the second most important step).
  • Keep writing high quality posts.
  • Build some backlinks ( They should be also of HIGH QUALITY).
  • Keep working and have patience ( patience is one the key to success in blogging).

So, this was a short update about my site. If you want to start your own site and have any problems/ queries, feel free to ask my in the comments section below. I would be glad to help you out.,

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