Using namecheap:pros and cons

If you have ever register a domain name or you read blogs about blogging regularly then you would have definitely listen the name of namecheap because it is one of the most popular domain registrar. Namecheap sells both domain names and web hosting services but it is known for its domain registration and one of the well known brand. I have also registered my domains with them and have good experiences. If you want to find a reputed domain registrar or cheap web hosting then read this review and after reading it you would be able to decide whether to  go for it or not.

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Pros and cons of using namecheap:-

Pros of using namecheap:-

Here are the reason why i use namecheap for registering my domains and why they are popular.

  • It is well known brand.
  • They provide cheap domains(as the name shows).
  • They can be trusted.
  • Their support is good.
  • They provide reliable hosting services.
  • Good affiliate system.
  • User friendly design.
  • They have their blog and faq page which has information about all the topics and problems.
  • Their domain transfer system is very good and affordable.(recently i have transferred one domain to namecheap)

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Cons of using namecheap:-

There are some cons as well but the pros always exceeds the cons and they can be negligible.

  • They don’t have live chat support.
  • Hosting services are not that much good like hostgator or bluehost.
  • Short money back guarantee.

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From editorial desk:-

If you want to start a new blog or other type of site then you should use namecheap services because i have used it and they give awesome service especially as a domain registrar. Their hosting services are not that much good but according to their prices its worth it. I have some domains registered with them and have never faced any problems.So,if you want to register a domain or you want a cheap hosting then you should consider them because it is worth to try their services as they have a good name in online industry.

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