My niche site update-July earning and traffic report

This is my 1st update of my niche site case study. The first post was about the site and its traffic and earning for the past few months. You can read that post here.

Today, after one month i am having a progress report and i wanted to update it here on blogging tricks and tips. The reason for posting regular updates of my niche site here is to motivate new bloggers because this site is growing day by day with only few posts. And via this niche site i wanted to show that you can easily rank a site with little effort.

If you have read the 1st post about this project, you would be very surprised to see the updates of july. The reason is that, the revenue has increased by 50 percent without writing any new post on the site.

Yes, you heard it right. I haven’t updated the site since long time. But after seeing these results, i am planning to start work again to reach my goal which is 100$ a month earning from google adsense. And if the traffic increases the same way, i would achieve it the next 1 or 2 months.

Here are the screenshots of traffic and google adsense earning for july, 2015.

Traffic and income of my niche site- july 2015:

As you can see that the traffic has increased and remain at peak at the last days of the month. And same is the case with adsense earning. Google adsense earning has also increased in the last days of the month.

niche site update


Niche site income report, july 2015 update


You can compare these earning and traffic with the last month update by visiting the link above.

As you can see from the adsense screenshot, that the site earned 68$ in july which is 25$ more then the income of june.

Still this is not much earning per month but month by month i am getting close to my 1st goal which is 100$ per month from google adsense.

Here is what i did in july:

Total hours of work done in july:

  • No of new posts written= zero
  • Time spend doing seo = zero
  • Time spend for promotion=zero

As you can see i have neither updated the site, nor i have worked on seo or promotion and still organic traffic is increasing day by day. This is only due to my keyword research.

How can you replicate this process and earn from micro niche site:

If you want to earn the same, then you would have to select you keywords very wisely, otherwise you would not be able to get such results.

If you want to learn how to replicate this process and start your own micro niche then visit the link given at the top of this post. In that post, i have mentioned step by step method how i created this site.

If you have any queries about niche sites feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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