My first niche site case study and success report

Niche sites are the most profitable sites because they focus on one topic. And that’s the reason that niche sites are getting popular day by day. And many people are earning good money by making niche sites and micro niche sites.

The reason of success of niche sites is that if your site has all the content on one topic then in the eyes of google your site would have more authority for that topic and your site would rank higher for that topic. Because it doesn’t makes sense to rank a site higher that contains different content then the one that has all the content on just one topic.

Another reason of its popularity and success besides google, is that you site visitors will become your regular readers if your site focus on just one topic, because if one particular person is interested in one topic and he visits a site which contains high quality content, then would remember or bookmark the site and will visit the site often when he needs any information.

Like i am a blogger, and if i want to know about some issue in wordpress and i searched via google and found one site very informative that shared knowledge about wordpess, so i would visit the site next time when i face another problem in wordpress.

Here i am not telling that site with random topic/ multiple niche sites are not successful, but they require a lot more effort, time and money.

As i have got success with a micro niche site  (which is now moving towards authority niche site) therefore, i am going to share my knowledge about how niche sites work and how i got success with niche site.

what is a micro niche site:

Niche means the topic of the site. Means if a site is based on single topic, then it is said to be a niche site. If a site is based on multiple topics then it is said to be a multiple niche site and so on.

Like here i will give you examples of that is a niche site and it is only based on wordpress. And for an example of multiple niche site you can have a look at this site and see the difference between the two.

The importance of niche site is already described in the fist paragraph. In this post,i am going to show you how to make a niche or micro niche site and how to rank it and earn from it.

My micro niche site case study:

Micro niche site is a site that focus on very particular topic like if we say that a site that contains all type of content on health is a niche site, but if a site focus only on diabetes or weight loss then it is said to be a micro niche site because it focus on very particular narrow topic.

The reason people creates micro niche sites is that they are easy to rank for some long tail keywords. And it takes less effort and less time to earn more money, unlike niche sites that requires much more money and time to be invested before earning good money.

But keep in mind that if you want to start a long term site and more profitable site then niche sites are good for you.

I started a micro niche site and easily ranked it because my keywords had low competition and you can do it too. The only thing you need to know is to do a proper keyword research.

niche site case study and success

Keyword research:

Keyword research is considered to be a backbone of any micro niche site. The reason is that if you are creating a site that has less content, then it is hard to outrank the authority site. Therefore you need to work on those keywords that have less competition, so that you can easily get a spot on first page of google.

If you create a site on a keyword that has high competition means that the sites that are ranking for your term in the first page of google have more backlinks, high domain authority and optimized page then it would be hard to get success.

But if you do proper keyword research and find a keyword that has low competition, means that if there are no or few high quality sites in the top 10 results of google then you can easily rank your site in the first page and get highly targeted traffic from google.

For keyword research, you can use free and paid keyword research tools like google adword keyword planner which is a free tool. Or you can use long tail pro and keyword revealer which are paid tools.

The benefit of using paid tools is that, they can find long tail keyword easily for you plus they will also calculate the keyword competition for each keyword by examining all the top 10 pages for your keywords. Thus these paid tools make the process every easy by automating the process and saves your time.

For step by step guide you can read my post that will help you to do keyword research for micro niche sites.

How i did keyword research for my site:

After a lot of keyword research i selected a topic that had decent monthly searches but the cpc was low. But as the compeltion was almost zero, i selected that keyword for my site.

As the said that the cpc was fairly low but still i am getting good cpc then the one that was mentioned and google adwords.

I am not going to reveal my keywords and site name here, but for your inspiration, i am going to share my site traffic and earning. You can have a look at it below.

Theme and plugins:

You should create you site on wordpress and use a seo optimized light theme that doesnt slow your site. You can also use some plugins that can make your work easy but don’t use much of it as they slow down the site.

Theme which i used:

I used genesis framework with magazine pro child theme. And my site structure is blog like in which top 10 recent posts are displayed on the home page.

I installed about 12-15 important plugins that were important. And added facebook like box, google plus box etc on the sidebar which made it look more professional.


If you are using a static home page then you must have at least 2000 words plus home page with related images and one video if possible. If not then you should use at least one image.

For other posts, you should write content according to the keyword competition like if your keyword has moderate completion then you should write at least 700 words posts. But the important thing is all of you content should be well optimized for search engines. If you are using wordpress, then you can install seo yoast plugin to check you on-page optimization.

How i wrote my content:

As i start site on that niche which is my passion so i wrote all the content myself. But you can hire a writer to write content for you if you don’t have knowledge about the topic or if you don’t have time or any other problem.

As i have mentioned earlier that my keywords has almost zero competition, so all of my posts has less then 500 words and are ranking on first number in google except few posts that has more than 1500 words.

The number of posts also depend on your niche. If your main keywords has many other long tail keywords then you should write posts on all of them because it would increase the chances of ranking for more keywords.

On-page seo:

As i have mentioned in the above paragraph that you should optimize all of your posts. And you can use seo yoast plugin for it.

Apart from this plugin you can also increase user experience by writing high quality content, using good images and pictures that reduces bounce rate and hence increases ranking.

What i did?

I did the same as explained here. And due to high quality content bounce rate is low and there are many regular readers and comments.

Off-page seo:

First thing you need to do is to create social profiles for your site on all the famous social networking site and share your posts regularly on these profiles, because now a days social presence is considered a ranking factor and as brings visitors to your site and is a easy process, you should do it first.

After that you can build some links from related site using guest posting, blog commenting etc to make some high quality backlilnks.

You should also try to make links from question and answer site, wikipedia and social bookmarking sites etc. But all 0f them should not be make at once. You should build them steadily because making backlinks too fast canbe consider as spam by google.

What i did:

In case of my site, i have only made social profiles and a few links from blog commenting. And all the posts are ranking on the first position of google first page and i have described its reason above.

My micro niche site success- Traffic and income reports:

At the end i would like to share my site traffic and income for inspiration of newbies, because if you are new you would need a proof that it is possible to rank a site in google. I have also did the same, i also started this site after reading many success stories.

As you can see in the image below that this earning is not much but it is increasing every month and my next target is to reach it to 100$ per month.

my micro niche site success-traffic stats my micro niche site success-earning report

Final words:

From all the above case study and my income report i wanted to encourage newbies to start micro niche sites because they are the easy way to earn online. Plus i wanted to show you the exact step by step process because doing any mistake can ruin your site especially the keyword research part.

So, if you have any queries , you can use the comment section below to ask questions.



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