Managed VS Unmanaged vps

Are you facing huge down time due to heavy traffic? Do you are receiving warnings from your shared hosting that you are using more server resources? If yes, then you would need to upgrade your hosting from shared hosting to vps.

If you don’t know about vps, then vps is a virtual private server. It is not your complete server but it is a virtual server and it can bear much more load then shared hosting because the number of hosting that are given from one server is much less as compared to shared hosting. And that’s why is costs much more than shared hosting.

But the most important thing which most of the people don’t know is about the types of vps. There are two types of vps known as managed vps and unmanaged vps.

Usually managed vps costs much more then unmanged vps.

Managed vps:

Managed virtual private server is that server is provided with all the important things that are need to host a website on server like cpanel is installed in it by your hosting company which usually costs around 20$ per month. So, you can estimate that why managed vps costs much more then unmanaged vps.

Managed vps is like shared hosting which will you but and host your site at the moment while unmanaged vps would cost you much less but you would need to set it up yourself.

Unmanaged vps:

Unmanaged vps would cost you much less, usually many of them are cheaper then shared hosting but it would need some technical skills to set it up and host your site. It can also be used for many other purposes as well like creating your own vpn etc.

If you have time to set it up then this would cost you much less as i have said above but it would require some additional costs as well like you would need to buy cpanel. But there are always alternatives like you can install zpanel or webuzo on it which are the free alternatives of cpanel.

In my next posts i would explain how to set up an unmanaged vps. Here i would summarize the whole comparison so that you can easily but the one according to your needs.

Managed vs un-managed vps:

managed vps unmanaged vps

  • Managed vps is fully loaded with all the tools that are necessary for hosting a site while un-managed is not.
  • Managed vps costs much more than unmanaged vps.
  • You can set up un-managed vps for free using free alternatives of cpanel.
  • You can use unmanaged vps for some other purposes as well.


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