How to make your wordpress blog look professoinal

If you have decided to choose WordPress as your blogging platform, or you have already started your blog on self hosted WordPress, then there are a few things you should look into to make your WordPress blog look professional.

If you have started blog for online earning and it is your business then you must do some work on your blog before starting to write content and if you have already started to write content you can still make the changes.But if your blog is your hobby than you don’t need to waste your time and money on your blog.

To make your WordPress blog look professional, you need to invest some money as well, but if you don’t want to invest money then you would need to work hard and do these tasks yourself.

Create a professional looking logo:-

Logo is one of the most important part of your blog because it represents your brand.People remember brands due to their logo.

Logo is easy to create if you have skills in Photoshop etc but if you are not an expert you can hire some one to create a professional looking logo for your WordPress blog.The price can vary from person to person but you can create one for only $5 at fiverr.

There are many professionals at fiverr who will create a professional looking logo at only $5.

There are many other platforms as well where you can hire logo designer like elance,odest and seo clerks etc.

You WordPress blog theme:-

Theme is also one of the most important factor which decide how professional your blog is.There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes available.

If you want more professional looking theme you can hire someone to create a unique theme for your blog.And if you know coding you can also customize a good looking free or paid theme and make it completely unique.

If you cannot invest that much, you can buy a premium theme which looks professional and matches the niche of your blog.

And still if you cannot invest anything, you can find a good looking free theme and install it on your blog.

If you are ready to invest in a theme, i would suggest to buy genesis framework and a paid child theme.This theme looks professional and are most recommended by experts.

This site also run on genesis framework and a free blogging cage child theme.

Important pages:-

There are some important pages that are very important for user experience as well as different networks like adsense etc.Because it is written in adsense policies that you must have privacy policy on your site and without it they would not approve your application.

And same is the case with about page.When readers come to your site for the first time and like your content they will want to know about you and will find your about page.If they didn’t find your about page most probably they will leave your site and forget about it.

But if you have about page they will remember about you and your site and will visit your site again to check for new content.

Similarly contact page is also very important because many of your readers will want to contact you to ask questions or give you advice etc.

Here you can read about all the important pages for your blog.

So these are some important things which  are necessary for a professional blog.If you have any questions ask it here in the comment section below.

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