Lean how to install WordPress manually

If you are a blogger and want to install wordpress on your hosting then remember that not all the hosting provide one click wordpress installation.

If you are getting a good quality hosting but it is not providing one click installation, then do not let it go. The reason is that it is hard to find quality hosting but it is easy to install wordpress manually.

Installing WordPress manually:

Many blogger think that installing wordpress manually is very hard and it required some technical skills and same was my thinking before trying to do it. But frankly speaking, installing wordpress manually is much more fun then installing it automatically because after doing it you get to know how wordpress and hosting works in depth.

Here is a step by step guide on how to install worpdress manually.

step by step guide to install wordpress manually

Step 1. Add domain in your hosting:

The first thing you need to do is (which you would also have to do if you have one click wordpress installation facility), to add your domain to your hosting. This is very easy step and anyone who can use computer and internet would be able to do it.

After adding your domain, also update your nameservers and point them to your hosting.

Step 2. Create database and its user:

Now the next thing you need to do is to create a mysql database. Find mysql database option in your hosting control panel and click on it. Then create a new database and user. Then add that newly created user to this newly created database and assign all privileges to that user.

Remember or copy the username and password of the database and its user, you will need this later.

Step 3. Upload wordpress files:

Download a copy of wordpress from it official site here. Do not extract that zip wordpress file, keep it as it is. Save this file in your hard drive.

Then find file manager in your hosting control panel and click on it. Then click on public_html and find your site directory (folder). If your site is the main site then its files should be uploaded in public_html directly, but if it is not then you should upload wordpress files inside your domain directory that is situated in public_html.

After the upload complete, extract all the files into your domain directory.

You can also add these wordpress files much more easily using ftp software.

After all the wordpress files are present in your site directory, you are almost done. Now you need to install wordpress.

Step 4. Install wordpress:

If you have done all the above steps correctly, you will see an installation form when you open your domain in browser. In this form you would be required to add your database name, database user name and its password. After that on the next page you would be asked to choose a username and password which would be used to login to your admin area. Fill all the required fields in this form and click on install wordpress.

After you click on install, wordpress would be automatically installed on your domain. After that, you can login to your dashboard via yourdomain.com/wp-admin.


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