keyword revealer review-a free alternative to longtailpro

If you are a blogger, then you would know the importance of keywords and their use.

To do a proper keyword research you need a good tool for it and fortunately there are many tools available online but the problem and the question is that which one is the best keyword research tool.

Google adwords keyword tool is one of the best keyword research tool but it doesn’t suggest long tail keywords for our keyword and now a days every needs a tool that give results with long tail keywords.

For long tail keyword research, there is a tool called long tail pro which is very famous and considered the best tool for long tail keyword research.But the problem is that it is a paid tool and not every blogger can afford it.

That’s why today, i am going to review a free tool called keyword revealer.I have used it personally and i can say that it is the best free alternative of long tail pro.

Keywordrevealer-A free long tail keywords research tool:-

This tool is new and not well known but it provides all the features that long tail pro provides.

This tool is completely free of cost and requires you only to register on their site and you are ready to go.

There is no need to download this tool.It works online on their site i.e and has various features including keyword competition calculator.

How to use keyword revealer:-

It is simple to use this tool but i am going to discuss it step by step how to use the various features of this tool.

Create a free account at keyword revealer:-

First of all to use this tool, create your free account at their site and confirm your email.

Click here for sign up page.

Complete the form and click on create my account.

keyword revealer review 1

Go to your email and confirm your email account.

Use keyword tool:-

After the sign up process, log in to your account.

keyword revealer review 2

Click on keyword tool at the top of page.

keyword revealer review 3

Enter your keyword and select location.Than click on submit.It will start loading.Wait for a few minutes.

keyword revealer review 4

Here as an example i have entered start a blog on wordpress and selected United stated in location.

When loading completes, a page with different keywords will open.Now you can filter your keywords by monthly searches,number of words,CPC, and estimated earning potential.

keyword revealer review 5

As you can see in the above image, it shows different long tail keywords with monthly visits,CPC etc.

Now you can check the competition of each keyword by clicking on evaluate in the last column.

keyword revealer review 6

For example here is a keyword how to start a blog.It monthly searches are 49,500 with 4.2$ CPC. Now to find competition on this keyword i will click on evaluate and the following page will open.

Its difficulty is 56 out of 100.It means it is high competitive niche.This tool will also show you top 100 pages which are ranked in google.

Now you can guess that if you are able to out rank those pages and rank your own page or not.

If a keyword has less competition than you can use that long tail keyword and rank your page/site.

This is the most easy and best way to find long tail keywords and their competition.Usually if you do it manually, it will take alot of your time but this this keyword makes it simple for you by showing you all the details of the 10 pages listed on the first page of google for that particular long tail keyword.

Final words:-

If you are a blogger and want traffic for your site or want to start a micro niche site then you should try keyword revealer tool for your long tail keyword research because of its features and it is free as well.

There are many tools available for keyword research but according to my experience this is the best tool and shows very accurate results.

So those who cannot afford long tail pro should definitely try this free tool.

Update about keyword revealer:-

Keyword revealer is no more a free tool.But still it give 3 keyword searches and seven evaluations per day for free and for further usage, you will have to pay for it.

But i have checked creating multiple account and it worked.You can create multiple account and use them all.There is not any system which can detect and block multiple account.So you can use it according to your need like if you do maximum of ten searches per day, you should create 4 account and you will be able to do 12 searches 28 evaluations.But again it depends on need.Different people have different needs.So if you cannot pay for longtailpro or any other paid tool then create multiple account and use keyword revealer because according to my experience it is one of the best keyword tool for long tail keywords.


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