How to do a keyword research

If you are a blogger and write posts then you would know the importance of keywords in ranking of a site.

In my lasts post i have explained how a site can be ranked using keywords.Click here for that post.

To rank for some keyword, first you need to do a keyword research.For this purpose, you will need some tools that will show you about monthly searches and competition etc of the keyword.

There are paid as well as free keyword research tool.

How to do a keyword research:-

Free Tool for keyword research:-

If you want the free best tool for keyword research then you can use google adwords keyword planner.

This is one of the best tool and all other tools also use it for their  results.

Step by step guide to use google adword keyword planner:-

If you haven’t used this tool before, then read this.I am going to write a step by step guide on how to use this tool correctly.

To use this tool, you would need a google account.So sign in with your google account.

If you don’t have one then first create a google account and then go to adwords.Here is a link to google adwords.


After that click on tools form the menu and click on keyword planner.A page like this will open.

Now click on the first option which says that search for new keywords and ad group ideas.

Then enter your keywords and if you want country other than united states change it.And click on get ideas.

A page will open which list ad group ideas.As we are not concerned with ad group so navigate to keyword ideas.

Now all related keywords will open.You will have to select long tail keywords, that are easy to rank.

Now find those keywords which have high monthly searches and low or moderate competition.Don’t use keywords with high competition because they are useless unless you have an authority site with high page rank and domain authority.But if your blogs don’t have high domain authority than you cannot rank for high competitive keywords.No one will read your post because your post will never rank in 1st and 2nd page of google.

This way you can find more keywords and increase your traffic using these low competition keywords in your posts.

You can also do a keyword research if you want to start a new site or blog.You can check whether people are interested in that topic or not or whether there are high chances of ranking your new site or not.

Here is another free keyword tool.Keyword revealer review- a free keyword tool for 3 searches per day.

Paid keyword research tools:-

There are many paid keyword research tools as well.They show very much similar results like google adwords keyword planner but they have some advance features as well due to which people prefer them over free tools.

One famous longtail keyword research tool is longtailpro.It is created by Spencer haws of nichepursuits and many blogger use this tool for niche sites keyword research.

Many bloggers have liked this tool and there are many good reviews.I have also used it and according to my experience it is the best keyword research tool.

So if you want to buy any paid tool, than my suggestion would be to use tongtailpro.

I think after reading this post you would know how to do a keyword research and you would do it before writing your next post.

If you cannot afford to buy paid tool, then use google adwords keyword tool because as i mentioned earlier all other tools use their results and even longtailpro uses results of google adwords tool and you can also use it and do a little bit manual work and you would have same results like long tail pro and other paid tools.



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