Is there any good alternatives of adsense?

There is a lot of discussion about alternatives of adsense because of the strict approval process of adsense. Many blogger are writing reviews daily of different online advertising networks and show payment proofs etc and declare them the alternatives of google adsense.

But acutely these networks like infolinks, propeller ads, qadabra and other networks like these would not make you good money even half of what your would earn with adsense. And that’s the reason that many people get discouraged and leave blogging because they are earning almost zero with these networks.

These networks are only good if you have traffic from USA, UK and European countries and your are already using adsense then it can contribute and add few more bucks to your income. But if you are receiving less traffic then your will only gets discourage and leave blogging. So, my advice is that do not use these networks unless you have huge traffic.

So, is there any alternatives of google adsense:

If you are finding an answer to this question, then you will find many guides but not any good network that could be really an alternative of adsense.

So, what should you do if your blog receives less traffic. I have got the answer. Here i will tell you what your should you try if your site traffic is less and google adsense is not approving your application.

best alternatives of adsense

The best adsense alternative according to my experience:

According to my experience, sponsored content networks like and taboola etc can make you good money. I am not saying that they can make you money equal to that of adsense but here on my sites i am making income half of that of adsense with just one ad unit of

And i am getting a decent 0.03 cpc and around 0.40 cpm. So, i think it is far more better then the other networks.

Another thing i have noted that famous sites like smallseotools etc are using taboola ads, it means that these networks are paying well good. So, if you have not tried sponsored content networks, then try it today and i am sure that your will get awesome results. Here you can see the ads of that i am using on my sites: best alternative of adsense

Try cpa networks:

There are a lot of good cpa networks that can earn your decent income if majority of your traffic is mobile traffic. Because one download can earn your much money even more then one click of adsense. So, why not give it a try and watch results yourself.

I have seen many people who prefer cpa ever adsense and many other people who have adsense accounts but instead they are using cpa networks, reason: it pays much more and they do not have strict policies like google.

Many people are earning good money by giving paid traffic to their site. They advertise on cheap networks like etc and earn from cpa networks.

So, if you have not tried it yet, google and find some reputable cpa networks and join them today.

Direct ads:

For a new and low traffic site, it is difficult to get approved on buysellads and other direct network ads, but still you do some hard work and find some direct advertisers for your site.

The best way to find direct ads is through fiverr and discussion forums. Fiverr is a great market place where you can create your gig and then advertisers will come and buy ads places on your site. This would not make you much money but still if you get some ads then your will be earning some money.

Another way to directly find and approach advertisers and tell them about your traffic etc and i am sure that if you done some hard work then definitely you will earn some money.

Affiliate marketing:

Another easy way to earn more from less traffic is via affiliate marketing. If you few sales then you will earn more then hundreds of adsense clicks and that’s the reason that famous and professional bloggers never use adsense instead they use affiliate marking to earn from their sites.

Final words:

I am sure this article would have helped you to motivate and try new ways of monetization and some google alternatives of adsense. If you follow all of the above mentioned ways, then i am pretty much sure that you will earn at least half of adsense earning.

For more income, combine all of these sources and you will earn more then adsense, but remember one thing, do not fill your site with ads and sponsored content because this can have a negative impact on your readers ans SEO.

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