Comluv for blogger blog-A step by step guide to install.

If you are a blogger and likes to comment on blogs then you would be aware of comluv.

If not, then it is a plugin which add latest post of the commentator at the end of his/her comment automatically.

If you have blog  and people visits your blog and write comments then you should install comluv plugin to appreciate them and gift them for reading your articles.

This plugin is for self hosted wordpress blogs but you can also add it to blogger.

Yes, this trick is little known and only few people install comluv on their blogger blogs.But you can install it and it takes only a few minutes.

If you are interested in installing a comluv in blogger then read this tutorial and apply it.It would take only five minutes.

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install comluv on blogger

Why you should install a comluv in blogger:-

If you are confused about installing a comluv in blogger blog then read these points.It will help you to decide what to do and what are the benefits of having a comluv installed on blogger blogs.

Advantages of having a comluv installed on blogger blog:-

  • It makes you new readers because people like to visit blog with comluv plugin.
  • It reduces bounce rate and people will spend more time on your blog.
  • It will help you have more comments on your blog.
  • It will attract more visitors.
  • It will make you some backlinks because other bloggers may include your blog in comluv enabled blogs list.
  • It will reward your readers for reading your posts and they will like to visit again and again.

Now if you know the importance of comluv and wants to install it on your blogger blog then go for it.You will see the some positive results after installing it.

Step by step guide to install a comluv on your blogger blog:-

To start with follow these steps:

Step.1:Backup your blogger template:-

The first step is to backup your blogger template because you will need it to install comluv plugin code on your blogger blog.

You don’t need any coding knowledge to implement this code.It will be done automatically.

Save the backup of template on your hard drive as well because if some thing went wrong, you will easily upload it.

If you don’t know how to backup and restore blogger template then follow this guide:Backup and restore blogger template.

Step 2:Create account at intense debate(comluv):-

Go to intense debate site and sign up by clicking on the big green button.

Note:You don’t need to create account if you already have a wordpress account.

install comluv on blogger blog1

While filling the form mark i want to to install intense debate on my blog or website and click on sign up button.

install comluv on blogger blog 2

Step 3:Verify your account at intense debate to install comluv on blogger blog:-

Now you will receive an email in your account from intense debate site.Click on the verification link to verify your account.Then click on continue with your installation and enter your blog url and proceed to next.

Step.4:Select your blogging platform and upload your template:-

Now you will be asked to select your blogging platform.Select other options according to your need and then click on upload XML template at the end.

Browse your template which you have stored on your hard drive in step one and upload it .

Intense debate site will change it by entering the code of comluv plugin.It is automated process and takes only some seconds.

Step.5:Upload your new comluv enabled code to blogger blog:-

Now you only need to use the code they provide you on your blog to run comluv plugin your blogger blog.

Copy the new code and go to your blogger>template>edit html and select all the code and delete it.

Now paste the new code and save your template.

Congratulations,Now you have comluv enabled on your blogger blog.Check it,if didn’t work copy and paste the code again on your template and if something went wrong then you would have done some mistake.upload your template and follow the process again.

From editorial desk:-

Comluv enabled blog have more comments and more visitors but blogger users don’t have plugins option and they think that they cannot install comluv on blogger but it is possible.

Follow the above tutorial and if you have any problem, ask me in the comment section below.


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