Important things to know before writing online

If you want to become an online writer and want to earn from your writing skills, then you are on the right track.But before doing that there are are few important things to know before starting your online career as a writer or blogger.
Many people become online writer and then complain about not making money online from their writing skills and then tell every one that earning online is not possible.
But the reality is that there is difference between online writer and offline writer and to make this concept clear,today i am going to share that crucial things which are necessary to become online writer.
Build online career as writer

Difference between a blogger and writer:-

To become online writer or blogger, first you need to make your concept clear about difference in blogger and online writer.
A writer is one who writes just for humans but a blogger (online writer) writes for humans as well as search engines.He has to learn seo, marketing and make relationships with other bloggers etc.
If your aim is to earn from your writing online, then you must behave and work like a blogger and not just writer.But if you are writing just as a hobby then you can be just a writer.

There are already many writers:-

You must know that a new blog is created every 30 seconds and the numbers of blogs are increasing day by day.Many new people are starting their online career as a writer.And to compete them, you must work hard.
If you are writing for other sites of people then you must have some good skills but if you are writing on your own blog then you must be hard working and have patience along with good writing skills.
It takes a lot of time to start earning some good money and if you lose patience in your beginning days than you will lose your hard work and precious time.

You must be passionate:-

If you don’t like writing and you start it just because you read many success stories of people who earn thousands of dollars monthly then you are wasting your precious time.You must start somethings else because there are many other ways as well to earn online.

You should not lose courage:-

If you want to become blogger then you will face many moments when you will decide to quit.At that moment if you are passionate then you will not quit and work but if you are not passionate then you will quit and if you quit, it means you lost your hours of hard work.
If you write for other sites or you are a freelancer writer then you will also face some difficulties.At that time you must not lose courage and work hard for your success.
  My aim for this post was to make everyone aware of those important things which every writer should know before starting his/her online career as a writer, otherwise you will lose you hard work and time.There are many bloggers and writers who don’t earn any things from their blogs for years but at the end get success and that’s what i want to explain here that dedication,consistency,hard work and patience is the key to success in online world.

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