Important things for google adsense approval

If you are a blogger and want to get approved by google adsense to show ads on your site/blog, then you would need to follow their policies and make you site highly user friendly that gives benefit to your readers.

If your application is rejected several times or if you are applying for the first time, then there are several things that you need to do before applying.

As i have approved several accounts for myself and my friends, i have some experience and can tell you about some important things that will help you in adsense approval.

Things to remember before applying for adsense:

The first thing you need to do before applying to google adsense is that you need to read their terms and condition and policies and made you site according to google webmaster guidelines. Because if you do all the things mentioned below correctly but your site is not according to google guidelines, then you will not get approval.

So, first of all visit adsense polices and adsense eligibility criteria and read then clearly and then come back here and learn about some important things that can make your approval process easy.

Here is the list of all the important things, that i think you should do before applying for adsense.

google adsense approval

1. Content is the king:

The first thing you need to remember is that content is every thing. If your content is providing value then you would be easily approved by google to show ads on your site. But if you write poor quality content that people don’t like and hit back button after reading few lines (high bounce rate) then google will not accept your application.

Every time when you apply for google adsense, you site is check by google engineer manually and if you site is not according to his standards than he/she will reject your application. So, keep in mind that the first thing you need for adsense approval is quality content.

2. Site navigation:

Site navigation is another most important thing that is also written in adsense guidelines.

To improve your site navigation, you would need a few things:

  • Navigation bars that are clearly visible.
  • Proper categories
  • Proper tages etc
  • Proper interlinking

The things listed above will not only help in adsesne approval but will also help in your site SEO.

3. Important pages:

There are several important pages that you need to create and place in your site. Be sure to place then in the top navigation so that they are clearly visible. For a more detailed post on these pages you should refer to this articles.

These pages includes contact, about and privacy policy. You can learn about how to create these pages in the link above.

4. Your own email:

This is another thing that i have noticed that people who apply with their own custom email get approval easily then the other. So, before applying for adsense first create an email like [email protected]

Replace your domain your site link. You can create such email in your cpanel or in google as well.

After creating custom email, apply from the same email for adsense.

5. Age:

Most people get rejection due to age. As it is clearly written in google terms that you must be at least 18 year old for getting adsense approval. Therefore if you are continuously rejected and your age in less then 18, then go create a new email account and mention your age 18+, if your site is according to google policies and you have created all the important pages etc then you will get adsense approval.

From editorial desk:

If, you have facing problems in adsense approval, then all the tips mentioned above will prove fruitful. If you still didn’t get approval, then you can mentioned your site in the comments section below and i will try to help you out.


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