Some important blog pages

If you run any type of blog either personal blog or niche blog, you need to create some important pages because without these pages your blog will be incomplete and unprofessional.

Creating pages takes a few minutes but they give good and professional look to your blog and without these pages no one will visit again your blog  and you will lose readers when they find it difficult to reach you or without their privacy they will never subscribe, even advertisers will feel difficult to advertise on you blog.

So here i am going to list some important pages which will help your readers , new visitors and advertisers to reach you and find everything about your blog.

Important blog pages that will help your readers and advertisers:-

Here i am going to list some important pages with some tutorials that will help you how to create them easily.

1:Contact page:-

This one is the most important page because when your readers want to ask some thing or want to give you some advice then they will easily reach you because contact page make it easy for them to find your email,social profile links etc.

What to include in your contact page:-

If you want to create a contact page then it is a good idea to add a contact form or support ticket because when it will save your readers time to reach you instead of mailing you from their email.

You can also include your email address, social profile links etc below the contact page.

If you find difficult to add a contact form to blogger or wordpress page then read these guides:

2.About page:-

This one is the most important because when someone new visit in your blog and they like your post then they will want to know more about you and they will start finding about or about us page and if they dint find it then they might click back.Thus you can loose some tarted visitors and prevent it will prevent many visitors to become your regular readers.

I have writing a tutorial on how to create a good looking about page in blogger.If you are a blogger user then i will recommend you to try this out because with this code your blogger about page will look very professional.

Here is the guide:How to create a good looking about page with css design in blogger

If you wordpress as your blogging platform then the above guide will not help you to design about page but still you can make your about page attractive with the way how you describe your blog and yourself.

3:Privacy policy page:-

This is also an important page if you use ads network like google adsense etc because it is mentioned in the terms of adsense that you must have privacy policy page in your blog.

It also insure your readers and visitors that they their data is secure with you etc.

Writing a privacy policy takes alot of time and every one cannot write privacy policy and you would need to hire some  professional to write it for you but thanks to free privacy policy generators which makes the work very easy.

Read this guide to learn how to create a privacy policy page using free privacy policy generators.

4:Advertise page:-

If you sell advertise spaces on your blog then this page is a must for you because it tell the advertisers about some important stats of your blog.

Provide them some important ranking like alexa ranking,google page rank, domian authority and traffic stats etc via your advertise page and it will attract more advertisers.Provide them your contact details etc along with the above rankings.

5:Hire me page:-

If you are a free lancer then this page is must for you because when someone read your article and if they want some writers they will come to know about you only if you have hire me page.

6:Sitemap page:-

This one will help search engines to rank your posts fast and will also help readers to reach older posts easily.

So, this was the list of some important page for blog and if you have not created them yet (especially the first three) then don’t waste time and create these pages and if you find any problem creating these pages then read the above guide and still if you find any problem then contact me and i will be glad to help you.


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